Today’s PSA: Facebook Pages and Helping Each Other Like Things

So Facebook is making some changes – again – with their whole groups and pages concepts. I thought I’d do a little research as I get several requests a day to leave a group and join their page instead, plus I administer a couple of  myself so I am dealing with both sides of the stick. So I did some digging – let’s start at the start. Facebook will begin archiving all groups created using the older format, in a push to get everyone onto the newer version of the feature. Recognize this message?

Over the next few months, Facebook will be archiving all groups created using the old groups format. Moving forward, you can create groups using the new groups format, which makes it easy to share with the important groups in your life.

Facebook offers pretty thorough guidance about the forthcoming archiving and upgrades in the site’s help section, so you can check that out too.
The site explains that old groups that get archived will automatically also become available in the new group format. Most of the associated content will remain available in the upgraded version, with some notable exceptions. The things that won’t make it over are things like:Recent news, Group officer titles, The information  box under the old group picture, The group network, The members of your old group.
Yup, you’ll have to redo your membership list in the new group if you wait for Facebook to do the archive and upgrade for you. Grr.
The archived version will include:Group photos and wall posts, Group discussion threads, which become wall posts, The group description, which can be found at the top of the page when you click “see all” members in the new group. (thanks to Jim Hanas at allfacebook for organizing into one section)

So! I spoke with a few people who are as inundated as I am with “please click like!” messages these days, and donating a heck of a lot of status updates and time to the cause of their page. It frustrates me that if I have a group with 1000+ members I have to hope I’ve bugged them enough so that they switch over, but not so much that they don’t. You can also look at it as a way of cleaning your lists without a lot of work: the folks who were just there for the sake of there-ness may not come back, the folks who are invested enough in you will be back immediately. It may drop your numbers, maybe even considerably, but this tightens up your group of followers to those who are not simply clicking for the sake of clicking, but have a real interest in you and your work. 100 people who come to every show, bring friends and tell others about your work is much more useful than 500 followers who don’t even remember that they’re following you.

Enter today’s blog post, disguised as a PSA.  I’m listing a few of the requests I’ve recently gotten to switch from a page to a group, and if you would like yours listed too, feel free drop the  old group name/new page name and the new link into the comments section below. If you don’t have a new page that you need this for, feel free to forward the offer to another friend who does. We are all in this together.

For the moment here are a few I’ve rejoined, and think you should too – the links below go to the new page.

The Harold Awards
The Toronto Fringe
Andrew Shay Hahn (the mad craft shoppe)

Brick, A Literary Journal
Expect Theatre/Spark Collective
Small Print Toronto
The Way I see It Theatre Blog

good luck and happy clicking!

6 Comments to “Today’s PSA: Facebook Pages and Helping Each Other Like Things”

  1. Thanks for the insight Sue, appreciate your thoughts. Looks like we’ll be losing our 900+ members in the Small World Music group during the changeover, (sigh).

    I guess now it’s time to revisit the ‘group vs page’ debate.


    • it’s absolutely frustrating, I agree – all the time and energy spent building that list to have it disappear through something you can’t really control. I guess all we can do is use it as a way to build a better list.

  2. Nice PSA. And might I say that your advice a year and a half ago to make a Page for Tafelmusik instead of keeping the Group was well worth the effort of moving our 1200 group memebers over. We lost some, and gained way more, and the Page is very active.

  3. Thank you for this service!

    Please add Brick, A Literary Journal on your list to like.

    thanks again,

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