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Normally I don’t post on Saturday, but I had something in mind today.

Angela Crocker is a member of an artist group I belong to –  we keep tabs on each other and make sure we’re doing stuff for our businesses and careers. Through the power of Facebook, we’re accountable to each other in Toronto, Vancouver, Australia and New York.

Recently she wrote a blog post entitled, “Why Should I Comment on Someone Else’s Blog?” – she gave some very good reasons – click here to find out what they are. And comment. After all, it’s someone else’s blog.

I’ve also been noticing over the past couple of years, that everyone is intent on getting their message out “to the blogs”. That phrase has become as big a part of ‘to the media” as “to the papers” is, along with  prime directives to “get us some of that Web 2.0 social media stuff”.  The thing folks sometimes forget is that a blog isn’t necessarily “the newspaper”, There are a host of articles that talk about how they’re the same, how they’re different, how they complement each other. I’m going to tell you the difference I find personally.

Item: Not all blogs are the same. Just saying that right now.

If I am sending out a press release to a newspaper, I can go to the website or call and find out exactly who to send my release to. “It’s so-and-so at newspaper dot ca”. And I send my release off to them and odds are good it will be in the listings section.

If I am sending out a press release “to the blogs” I can go to the website. And maybe there’s contact info. And sometimes they’re quite clear about what they do and do not want to accept (ie only local theatre, only information about cats). So I can filter that way, and my local production of Cats is a fine fit and I can email it to them.

But what if there is no email address? No contact section?  Is this an indication they don’t want me to send stuff? Is it rude to put a press release in the comments section? Will that make them mad? If only I knew someone at this blog!

And there, for me is the big difference – I find blogs to be more – personal. Very definite about what they are writing about, whether it’s local theatre or cats. And it helps a lot if I already know the blogger, and therefore have her contact information, and know her well enough to know that she’d be interested in my production of Cats and maybe write something about it.

I don’t know. It’s just something I’m mulling over in my mind. What do you think?

(you can tell me tomorrow if you’d like as it is a GORGEOUS day outside and I don’t want anyone to miss a bit of it.) Happy long weekend!

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  1. I’m so with Dave. I get sent stuff all the time, asked to review books, promote shows, things like that. I write a marketing blog, so if there is some way that I can twist it to fit, I will. For example, I wrote this post about a local production of the Laramie Project: http://www.rebeccacoleman.ca/2008/11/19/arts-marketing/is-there-no-such-thing-as-bad-publicity/

    I also work as a publicist, so I’m on the other side, too, pitching to local bloggers. I’ve been lucky enough to meet IRL and create real relationships with some of Vancouver’s top bloggers, and it really is about a personal touch to them. I do send them a press release, but I also send them an email explaining why their readership might be interested in the show, and I’ll often sweeten the pot by throwing in a tix giveaway.

  2. Sue,

    A big mistake I find people make is not thinking about what they want to promote and how it relates to a particular blog.

    For example, I write about marketing tips for indie artists, I’m not going to list your project on my site, I’m not going to review it – don’t ask.

    But are you doing something interesting with you marketing that I might like? That’s the angle you’d be better pursuing because it makes sense with the content of my blog.

    I’m often surprised at how simple this is and how often people don’t bother to think about it.

    Also bloggers are not the press most don’t want “press” releases. If you want them to take their time to write about your project take some time to get to know them and theirs readers first. All the info is right there for you just make the effort.

    Thanks for the post.

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