Coffee and Engagement FollowUp

I’m out and about today so this is a short post, but remember a few weeks back when I had coffee with the superawesome Sean Howard? We were talking about  a presentation he was working on  for an international arts and culture group  – ISPA, the International Society for the Performing Arts.  The presentation was yesterday during their pre-conference academy.  In what could be only described as fortuitous, I attended a cocktail meet and greet at the very same conference last night, courtesy of EAP, The Emerging Arts Professional Network, and was met several times with, “hey you were in the presentation this afternoon!” and a a result, already had my icebreaker in place. A great evening of networking, seeing old friends from the conference circuit, and meeting new ones.

A small note: If the invitation says “business attire” – please wear it, or try to. Tevas, Birkenstocks and cargo shorts are NOT business attire.  And please try not to bring your knapsack.

Through the power of the internet – Sean said I could share the presentation with you – and here it is.


4 Comments to “Coffee and Engagement FollowUp”

  1. Why no Embed? That would truly be the “power of the Internet”. 😉 🙂

    Awesome it was an icebreaker!! Thank you again for your assitance!

  2. I wish I’d known about the EAP event. I suppose it was for ISPA participants only?

    I have to admit though, my backpack is and probably always will be part of my business attire. Unless the place has somewhere to stow it, it’s my purse. But I get your point!

    • Hey Laura, No, it was specifically for non-ISPA folks to network and meet folks. They do cool stuff like this regularly, so get thyself on to their mailing list. Oh and I also get your point about your back pack, sometimes you gotta carry stuff. It’s just that this one individual was committing all three faux pas, and looked like they’d stopped by after a weekend at the cottage. Or perhaps during. Tsk.

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