Fringe Day Two

Yesterday was an extremely busy day on many fronts, so there was no blog post. I’m going to have to figure this one out as the next two weeks will continue to be insane.

The Fringe officially opened yesterday at 4 pm – ED Gideon Arthurs, Board Prez Randy Sabourin, and the Davids Miller and Mirvish all spoke about the importance of what we do, the power of art – it’s a great feeling at that tent – everyone is there for the sake of art. Mr. Miller spoke a bit about the craziness of the costumes, the inventiveness of them, and recalled fondly when his photo was taken last year with a young woman whose costume was “ahem – a private part – of the – female anatomy…” Despite his being polite enough not to actually SAY what it was, I’m pretty sure he meant this young lady…


Last night was the opening for Awake, the piece I’ve been working on with Expect Theatre. It is a deeply moving show.  Enormous shout out to the entire cast and crew and design team and a shout out to the very full house. I highly recommend you go and see it. Get your tickets now – it’s been mentioned as a contender in a ridiculous amount of press – off you go.

In other news, companies across Canada are holding a staged reading of Catherine Frid’s Homegrown  – it is a fundraiser with all proceeds going towards Summerworks. For the official press release and a complete list of companies (which is growing every day), visit

Finally, it is my personal tradition to document the Fringe by taking not great pictures with my crappy cell phone camera. I say that in advance as I know there are better pictures out there. I’m still happy to share them – today’s theme is costumes.


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  1. I wasn’t able to get to the opening ceremonies, I’m still about 10 days behind on my Fringe prep. 😉 But one of my editors when and said it was a blast. She even took video and posted highlights of the speeches (including Miller’s adorable awkward stumbling over the crotch costume comment) and the poster race. It was an experiment, we’ve never had video on MoT before. I kind of like it.

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