Sunday Roundup – July 10

Let’s face it this week has been about Fringe for me – a lot of time seeing shows, comparing notes, promoting shows and hanging around the tent. It’s fantastic this year – there’s a great vibe to it and people seem to be spending a heck of a lot of time there.

What went on this week?

Fringe Plays I Apparently Should Not Have Bothered Seeing – bit of a response to an article in a daily indicating that things like venue and dramaturgy (having it) are what makes a show a dud. I disagree.

Packing Up My Tickets In My Old Fringe Bag  – since better folk that I write great articles on how to Fringe, I choose to  let you know what I keep in my bag of tricks that keeps me Fringing happily.

Fringe Day Two – a good time is being had by all. Highlights for me include Awake (yes, I know I’m working on it, but I do like it outside of that) and Remember Maggy.

Fringe Day Three and the Idea of a Survey – I will check the poll tally tomorrow, and proceed from there.

Quick PSA for the Artist’s Health Centre Foundation Don’t Forget to Register with AWHIP Many of you have asked about affordable health insurance options for those not covered by an employer or union insurance plan.  One month remains for you to register with the new Arts Workers Health Insurance Plan (AWHIP). As 200 participants are required in order for this plan to become a reality, carefully review the information, available on our website and contact the insurance provider directly with any questions.

Tweets i Enjoyed This Week
beyondwallsTPM Kisses and theatre? It’s #nationalkissingday and the first day of #FringeTO . Coincidence? We think not.
At the official opening of the 2011 #fringeTO. What are you going to see?
Shelley Carroll
At last! A use for the alleyway @ Honest Ed’s! #FringeFest #tocouncil

A couple more photos – click for an article. And as promised  – video of the Poster Sprint courtesy Ms. Hyunju Park – thank you! And a direct link to the NOW reviews – they’re coming in!

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