Taking a Day Off

I’m taking a day off. I’ve been Fringing a lot, working a lot, worked all weekend and so I find myself today caught up with nothing on fire, including my hair. Invoices out, reminders sent, final reports done, marketing all caught up. Rather than worry about the next thing I have to do (create a reader survey)  I’m taking advantage of it and taking the day off while I have a chance. A well-timed article I saw today courtesy of Sheila Sky struck me:

Life goes on: Why it’s OK for arts groups to downsize, take a break or — gasp! — even go away

“As audience members, we go see a show, clap, and head home. We may not know that the choreographer was up to the wee hours of the morning sewing costumes, or that the playwright had to rent a van to move the set. Life for small arts organizations is as DIY as it gets.”

It’s an interesting piece. I have lots of thoughts about it, which I may post later after they’ve percolated into something coherent. In the meantime, stay cool, it’s gonna be another scorcher out there, so hydrate and sunscreen and don’t go at it any harder than you have to. Take your cue from my neighbour’s cat who is asleep in the only cool patch of shade on the patio.

I’m seeing Kim’s Convenience tonight at Fringe – I’ve heard amazing things.

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  1. Writing a blog post and seeing Kim’s Convience isn’t exactly taking the day off!

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