It’s Friday and there are two very different fundraisers going on in town.  First off, the annual Fringe Fundy is taking place tonight at 5:30 pm  – Eat Locally, Fringe Nationally includes an amazing dinner at Southern Accent, tickets to The Soaps by National Theatre of the world, and time in the hottest watering hole in July – the legendary Fringe club! Tickets are $100 and dangerously close to sold out so get on the phone if you want one – call 416.966.1062 and get Adam to book you.

On a national level what started as a one company show of support to the Summerworks funding issue has turned into seventy supporting companies and a dozen readings across Canada. Visit for more information and a reading near you.

It’s last weekend of the Fringe – there have been some amazing shows, some fantastic people and I highly recommend you get out there and take in at least one before it’s all over and the magical Fringe Club reverts to a regular old parking lot. Go take a peek at some pics if you’d like. Massive shoutout to the incredible staff and volunteers, what you do is AMAZING and I am so proud to know you.


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