Sunday Roundup – July 17

Okay it has been a really busy week with few posts due to a LOT of running around. Fringe Fundraiser, Summerworks Fundraiser, Awake, more Fringe…you might wonder what all these things have in common besides art. They all have success in common.

I was thinking yesterday about the money spent on something like the Fringe, what’s called ancillary expenses – money spent outside of the actual ticket. That’s the money that supports the economy, the bigger picture that some folks can’t seem to grasp.  So i thought I’d do a little breakdown over the course of a week’s worth of Fringing. I’ll leave out ticket price.

For every day I Fringed I spent the following:

$2 – $5 Tipping the Fringe
$5 on freezies for an overheated tired staff
$5.50 per beer at the tent – figure two for me and one for someone who needed one, so $16.50 plus tip so let’s say an even $20.00
$10 on dinner either from Southern Accent or Butler’s Pantry on site
$12.50 on a taxi home.

That’s $52.50 an outing, with an outing lasting maybe four hours. Not including a $10 ticket. So over three days (I was there more but three is a round number) that’s $157.50 spent not on art, but other things I did and ate and drank because I was seeing art. Money spent on local businesses and a neighbourhood.

So let’s say last Friday the folks out for the evening spent that amount each. So multiply $52.50 by these people:

and i think you’d have to agree that art just might be an important thing to have in a city not just for the culture part, but as a building block of the local economy.  Photo above by Corbin Smith of torontoist.

Ten day festival, folks. In case you’re willing to dismiss the photo above as, “well of course! It’s Friday night!” – here’s a shot of last Monday, taken by Gideon Arthurs. I know – nobody goes out on a Monday

ANYWAY…. what else went on?

Taking a Day Off – I took a day off. I’m not very good at it.

I Hate To Say I Told You So – nope. no gravy here. Could we possibly put that phrase to bed, please?

Fundraisers! – Both Fringe and Summerworks – Fringe Locally, Summerworks Nationally.

It has been a hot, a little sticky sunny sunny week with no signs of stopping. I hope you’re enjoying it, staying hydrated and sunscreened. Have an awesome day.

4 Comments to “Sunday Roundup – July 17”

  1. I love your math — you are so much better with numbers than our mayor is. Thank you for that!!

    • it’s a parking lot the rest of the year. So can we say that this ten day period is a serious infusion of bonus cash to the neighbourhood at this time? It’s the easiest math in the world. I shake my head. And don’t forget to multiply the $52 X these people X 10 days. Yeah. I know.
      And I believe the $60 car tax was refunded based on our mayor saying big numbers don’t mean anything to people, that they’re “not real”. So I thought some graspable numbers were needed.

    • Yeah, well. He doesn’t exactly set the bar high.

    • it’s sad because it’s true…

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