Numbers and Experiences and You

I’ve been rattling on a lot lately about numbers not lying. And experiences being what change minds.

If the numbers are right, I’ll take experience over them any time.

I hit go on this website on May 9, 2011 – seventy days ago.

In that time there have been fifty-six posts (live feeding to Twitter, Facebook and Linked In), and forty-seven comments  (actually on the blog, not including “I love your blog! comments IRL and on FB) and eight pages worth of tweets. Facebook friends have jumped by five percent, Twitter followers by twenty-one percent, and Linked In has nearly doubled.

Shares are happening, folks are subscribing, retweets are happening and web stats are fairly solidly, always above a certain number of visits, and some predictable unique visits. The tag cloud is changing in size.


So now what? This is the moment where folks sometimes get lazy. Or forget about it – the site is up, it’s running no problem, there are some awesome days with hundreds of visits and days with twelve and it’s fun and all to analyze why there were hundreds (link on a BlogTO post) and why there were only a dozen (no blog post on a holiday Monday) but to what end? This analysis is fine and you can write it down and congratulate yourself for analyzing. But what do you do with those numbers? Do you keep doing what you’re doing or do you take a minute and go a step further?

On July 8th I posted a poll asking whether or not folks would want to complete a survey about why they come to this site and read the blog. 83% of respondents said yes they would! 17% said probably, but it couldn’t be too long or complicated. I believe the 83% want to, I believe the 17% just a little bit more. So in the next couple of days I will whip up a survey that is neither long nor complicated and post it. I’ll put the link in blog posts for five days and we will see the results. Data geeks everywhere are celebrating worldwide, and lots of my friends are rolling their eyes. Survey coming!

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