Saturday/Sunday Roundup – July 23/24

It has been a busy and not busy week full of finalized meetings and phone calls and admin stuff (you know, the glamour of show biz) and I feel I’ve neglected you disgracefully. But it’s been too darn hot here in TO (with apologies to Vancouver)  and I’m sure you’ll agree. So this week’s roundup serves a double, with the usual what was posted, along with things that didn’t get posted but were of importance

So without further ado…

The Toronto Fringe Festival ended with a bang, our fundraiser had more folks attending that we budgeted for so hooray! Even more importantly, a wonderful festival, full of art and mirth. 57,282 tickets sold, $410,000 returned to artists and most importantly, a 50% increase in bar sales!

On that note, a repost: Fringe Numbers, from last week’s round up, and a couple of Fringe Wrap Ups from NOW and torontoist – you folks did a great job and I thank you for it..

The nationwide Summerworks fundraiser happened on July 15 in 12 cities, with 70 companies all for one cause. Lovely article here from NOW.

And I’m still toying with a survey but my brain was not functioning in the heat. Seriously, the other day was like standing under a dryer vent without that lovely Bounce smell…

A lot of chatter this week about impending cuts to our libraries, and so I wrote about it . Also found this paragraph in an article in the Star:

Our libraries are an engine of civilization, places that offer hope to people even if they don’t have a lot of money. It’s a concept that the playwright Alan Bennett word-painted beautifully in the latest London Review of Books. Go to its website,, and read his reaction to Prime Minister David Cameron’s cutbacks that will take an axe to Britain’s public libraries.

But according to the Mayor’s brother, (although I’m not sure who asked him), there are more libraries than Tim Horton’s in his riding. So once again, someone had to confirm this, and confirm it well – thank you Blog TO.  And while you’re at it, here’s the link to the petition to sign, if you have already signed it, please forward to someone who possibly has not. On that note GO, Peggy!

It’s not just libraries: click for a link to the full report on the City of Toronto’s Core Services Review. It looks grim. Have no fear though – the Mayor wants to hear from you! Except that I seem to recall I DID tell him what I thought was important. TWICE.  So maybe he doesn’t want opinions from folks like me.

I don’t even know anymore. I do know I’d like a button of this image. Just sayin’.

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