All Aboard!

Hopping the train today, got an excellent 60% off seat sale on VIA so am gonna go visit folks for super cheap. (No I did not go business class. It’s not much different except they refuse to leave you alone. I like some whims left un-catered to. Except when they bring along the little chocolates on the nice tray.)

The survey! Folks are filling it out rapidly and I do appreciate that, especially the comments on what sort of posts you’d like to see more of. All responses are being kept and by next week I should have a clearer idea of which way this blog is going. I’ve already got some ideas percolating. If you haven’t filled it out yet (it takes less than five minutes) I strongly suggest you do, as I’m taking it and your opinions quite seriously. Here’s the link.

Quick article in the Star on random works of art in our city. I’d like to see it turned into a scavenger hunt for some of our City Councillors – maybe on their next staff retreat. How many have you seen on the list, and how many have you seen that didn’t make it? There’s got to be more than this.


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