bits of art and politics

don’t even ask whose computer I’m writing this on, suffice to say it’s ancient and slow as the days of dial-up – am wondering if I don’t have an @aol address in use. And I don’t have my bookmarks.

So quick and dirty:

Bit of art: excellent article from BlogTO about the Cameron’s new facade. And a great link to a flickr slideshare of the murals!

Bit of stupidity: Oh, Doug. Remember when Mel went on CNN during SARS and said he didn’t know who WHO was? Yeah Doug – you’re gaining on him.

Bit of outrage: ““If he closes the library, I want back my vote.”

BIt of politics: I sincerely hope as many folks as possible are going to City Hall tomorrow. Our Mayor wants to hear from you. Let it happen. Be civilized, be intelligent, be engaged. Know your facts. Show them that everyone is a citizen.

Bit of a survey!  It’s going well, folks are filling it out! You should be one of them!

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