yesterday was a long day

apparently 23 hours long. And apparently, we’d like to keep our services. Someone pointed out that all the city was trying to do was find ways to cut – not find ways to increase revenue. Frustrating indeed. A huge shoutout to all those who registered, gave deputations, and stayed up all night.

here’s some fun from the Star – Can you balance the budget? Arts and culture folks – we’re using to balancing budgets on a knife’s edge – let’s give this one a shot. I’m reminded of the movie Dave, in which Kevin Kline hires his buddy the accountant to balance the federal budget – and he does. I’m also reminded a bit of children’s colouring contests where you send yours in to win a prize. Remember those? What would the prize be? Funding, I guess.

The survey continues to yield thoughtful comments and suggestions on what you’d like to see. I will be taking them all into consideration and hopefully coming up with equally thoughtful additions and changes, based on your input. Thanks to all those who have filled it out – the rest of you – there’s still time. Off you go.

It’s the long weekend. Is anyone taking off early to do something fun for the long weekend? I hope so – I bet you deserve it. Don’t forget it’s the Scotiabank Carribean Carnival this weekend!

Oh heck – here you go.  Enjoy!




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