Sunday Roundup – July 31

It’s the middle of summer vacation! What went on last week?

Surveys and Blogs  – I finally put together a super quick and super easy survey for my readers and asked you to fill it out. You’ve responded admirably in great numbers and I really do appreciate it. I’m going to take it down tomorrow night so it’s last call for your opinions – off you go! I’ll be analyzing and talking about the results next week, and making some additions and changes to this site – because you asked for it. I also answered a question about what blogs I follow with a short list, and there will be more of those to come.

All Aboard!  – I took a side trip to get some paperwork done in another locale, and posted a list of random art around the city.

Bits of Art and Politics – My mini-vaycay did not seem to have decent internet so a short and sweet post about art, politics and outrage.

Today’s the Day! – 300 people signed up to speak at City Hall. It was a marathon session. I am so pleased with and proud of some of our citizens.

Yesterday was a Long Day – 23 hours of deputations later, I don’t know what the end result will be, but citizen’s voices were heard. Highlights included the woman who cut a cheque on the spot for the cost of a property tax increase, a puppet show, Adam Vaughan wondering if Margaret Atwood was indeed in the house, and this remarkable young lady. Props also to some other great councillors – Krysten Wong-Tam, Janet Davis, Joe Mihevc. Yes my lefty pinko bias is showing – but no more so that usual.

There’s a great big festival happening right now within blocks of my house. What do I love about it? Costumes on the streetcar in the morning – it’s rare to see feathers and glitter and sparkle and sequins at 9 am on the Dufferin Bus. Happy Caribana! And happy Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival!

And finally – a bit of summer romance, courtesy of the New Yorker…

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