The Results Are In and You Are All Fabulous

That could have been the easiest post ever written. (Actually the easiest would have been to then write, click here to find out why! And then sat back and counted my clicks. Do not click there. There’s nothing to click.)


Thanks to all who participated, your opinions have been most helpful, sometimes illuminating and always entertaining. Onward!

How did you find out about this site or blog?

Hands down Facebook – which doesn’t surprise me as I have the highest number f folks there to interact with.  I deliberately did separate posts late in the week on Twitter and Facebook to see if the numbers jumped. And even though Networked blogs came in dead last, I don’t think it did as it published my blog to Facebook. So now I know where y’all are, and it’s still good to be actually talking to y’all.

How often do you visit the site?

Anywhere between once a week and once a day is good with me, with most of you falling nicely in the middle. I’m rather pleased nobody is here more than once a day except for me. Lives are important.

And why are you here?

Hands down to read the day’s blog post  – The blog page underwent the first change as a result of these findings. But many of you are also here to request services. Cool!

Who said other? And what are they doing here?

– Combat the isolation sometimes experienced by freelancers.
– I read what gets posted to fb, twitter or linked in. Haven’t gotten around to visiting the actual blog/website yet. It is on my list for retirement post summer vacation trips.
– Curiosity
– Check specific post – that I am interested in
– To stay tuned on what you are up to. I like your sass.
I’m glad someone likes my sass. My Mom does not.

What kinds of post are you liking the most?

I confess here – I let you choose all four answers if you wanted to. It may skew my data in a numerical sense, but it gives me more answers. Once again, hands-down arts based. Fair enough. I also thought it was kind of interesting that following closely was ‘opinion based” because I thought all my posts were my opinion, but maybe not. Something to think about. This creates another change to the site.  26% of you said other. Like what?

-All of them
-The one about having the right kinds of followers.
– I haven’t actually visited the site – I liked this honesty.
– Humour!
– Sorry to be imprecise, but I’ve found all three to be interesting.
– Am biased.

God love most of you. The one I honed in on was “the one about having the right kind of followers.” Why? Because I think it was this one and I posted it at the end of May. And two months later someone remembered it. It has traction.  It’s all sticky. Another note to self about types of posts.

And on to What Sort of Posts Would You Like to Read More Of?  Here’s what you told me.

–   News of Arts scene in Canada, trends, shows, policies, concerns. – Fair enough. My posts are quite Toronto-centric. Perhaps I’ll try to branch out some days.
– Arts based Arts, culture, humorous observations of life and our times. – I can do that.
– Arts, cooking.  – There will be no cooking posts. I might however direct you to awesome foodie blogs I know and love.
– Local politics – Gotcha.
– ArtsVote – Artsvote is an ad hoc volunteer group that springs out of necessity, it’s not a year round sort of thing. So I suppose I could send you to the links where it all went down and keep you posted if anything big happens.
– The ones where you crack me up! 😉 – Why thank you. I do try.
– Local Arts related ….perhaps a heads up re what’s opening….. – this is an interesting one. Expect additions to the Blogroll. I think it’s a good suggestion, but already being done well other places. So I will send you there. Watch for it.
– More arts/theatre marketing + planning – Gotcha. I will do more of that.
– Arts funding – again, watch for changes in the site.

Have you ever Shared a Blog post?

Very even split just over the line in yes vs no. I am of course, curious as to which ones you shared, but I didn’t ask that in the interest of simplicity. I can live with that, but would still like to challenge you to share a post or two if you haven’t already. And there will be a post about why that does or does not happen. And you will probably share it. (I know. I just blew your mind.)

Have you ever used the services available?

Mostly nos. But yes and referrals combined run a close second. I am okay with this one as well, given that I can combine it with the other ways people have found me that I listed above. People aren’t just finding and requesting via the site, they’re finding me other places (including in person) and we’re going from there. Item: The stickinesss of business cards – my last consult came from a card I gave someone in 2009. There you go.

All right, just who do you people think you are?

You’re almost evenly split between arts worker and independent artists. And a third of you say you’re an arts supporter. Okay then. Others?
-Arts manager
-Arts Educator
-Recovering arts worker – get well soon. We’re all pulling for you!

And finally there was a space asking if you had any other comments.  They were all very flattering and you are all awesome. And one specific comment that I must address:

Can you teach me about magnets?

Sigh. Here you go, love. (No, I am not posting the video by Insane Clown Posse. Not even the link.)

Thanks again all! Expect site tweaks this week, and  a post about that too!

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