Monday Stuff and Debt

I’ve been thinking about the city’s finances lately – not in a keep me up at night style, but wondering about them. The Star came out with a timely article today – I like when my questions get answered. Somewhat.

Is it bad for cities to be in debt? Not necessarily.
With all the talk of government debt recently — Toronto, $4.7 billion; Ontario, $240 billion; the U.S., $14.6 trillion — the spectacular figures and the concept of debt itself have become so abstract many people don’t even understand the conversation.
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Speaking of definitions, here’s one I found on the web because I was tired of being referred to as a “communist”, even jokingly, when I was pretty sure I wasn’t. I’m not. Tired of phrases being bandied about when the bandiers aren’t sure what they mean. See also “cultural elite”, “lefties”, and “artsy fartsys” .  I refer to the speediest rise and fall of a Facebook page since – well I don’t know. Since another one rose and fell with great speed.

And a question I asked on Facebook the other day: Hey people who rejoiced at getting back their $60 car registration fee? After you jumped up and down like a child about sixty whole dollars, please let me know what you spent your huge windfall on, and how it dramatically improved your quality of life. Am sure it will all be worth it in the end.

Such small potatoes to be excited about. We solider onwards. It’s only Monday.

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