New Day, New Digs, New Info

So I’ve spent the better part of the day at the Centre for Social Innovation, moving into my new digs (granted, I put a plant on my desk and we considered it done). I’ve met some folks, poked around and had lunch with Shana and Jini and met a new colleague Donna Walker-Kuhne. 

Donna was giving an amazing workshop  on diversifying audiences – absolutely enjoyed listening and learning and hope to work with her again in the future as she is a bright, smart talented lady and we seem to think alike on the subject of getting audiences into our theatres and more importantly, getting them back again.

Quick PSA of Note – There’s an REOI online for Artscape Regent Park – click here for the deets.

And from torontoist, who once again has been my go to source for all things City Hall  – What Went Down.

BAck to work. I think this is working.

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