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September 15, 2011

BftA/TAF Press Conference


I attended the Toronto Arts Foundation/Business for the Arts press conference today at Roy Thomson Hall.  Heather Bellingham of Mooney on Theatre has already posted an excellent article which you can read here.

In case you didn’t know already, we surpassed 10,000 signatures on the Friends of the Arts Petition. Keep forwarding, keep signing – it’s not over yet.

You should also take a wander over to the Toronto Arts Foundation website – specifically the advocacy section to find out what’s being done and what’s doing, and what you can do.

I’m not so good with the live tweeting, but I did my best under @sueedworthy using #artsupporter.  So here are some tweets for you to enjoy.



September 12, 2011

It’s my birthday!

I gotta be honest with you – it’s my birthday so this post is mostly links to stuff I’ve been collecting for you.

From Mission Paradox – Power and the Artistic Workplace – hard power vs soft power and the difference between. Link to the TEDtalk within.

Friends of the Arts Petition – still going strong – please sign it – despite all the flip flopping news of arts cuts last week, I still don’t think anything good is coming down the pipe. Key dates are September 19 and 23. Meeting schedule is here.

The Creative Trust is back in full swing with cool workshops I’m planning on attending. First up is Diversifying your Audience with Donna Walker Kuhne.  One is keynote, one is hands-on.

This is from the Grid and a while back – Toronto Public Art Explained.

Don’t forget that Harbourfront World Stage Embassy deadline is Monday the 19th.

So there you have it for today. Happy birthday to me!



September 11, 2011

Sunday RoundUp September 11

Busy week (as always). What went on?

Not many blog  posts from me this week – but a lot went down in terms of arts funding.

There was the threat of cuts.

Then there was a petition.

Then there was a meeting.

Then there was a different plan for the cuts.

So am not sure what to believe any more. I`ll have to believe my own eyes and ears at these key dates:<

September 19: Executive Committee meets to respond to core service review recommendations
September 26:
City Council meets to review Executive Committee recommendations

Meanwhile – here are my two blog posts for the week

Arts Funding.

What Arts Funding Does for a City – a repost about money spent on a neighbourhood when there is art there.

Happy Sunday. More posting next week, I promise.


September 9, 2011

Repost – What Arts Funding Does For a City

This is a re-post from July 17.

Given the article about arts funding being at risk, I thought it was appropriate. If you think that large organizations having millions of dollars potentially cut from their funding doesn’t affect you – it will.  Since numbers seem to be the important thing, here we go.

I was thinking yesterday about the money spent on something like the Fringe, what’s called ancillary expenses – money spent outside of the actual ticket. That’s the money that supports the economy, the bigger picture that some folks can’t seem to grasp.  So i thought I’d do a little breakdown over the course of a week’s worth of Fringing. I’ll leave out ticket price.

For every day I Fringed I spent the following:

$2 – $5 Tipping the Fringe
$5 on freezies for an overheated tired staff
$5.50 per beer at the tent – figure two for me and one for someone who needed one, so $16.50 plus tip so let’s say an even $20.00
$10 on dinner either from Southern Accent or Butler’s Pantry on site
$12.50 on a taxi home.

That’s $52.50 an outing, with an outing lasting maybe four hours. Not including a $10 ticket. So over three days (I was there more but three is a round number) that’s $157.50 spent not on art, but other things I did and ate and drank because I was seeing art. Money spent on local businesses and a neighbourhood.

So let’s say last Friday the folks out for the evening spent that amount each. So multiply $52.50 by these people:

and i think you’d have to agree that art just might be an important thing to have in a city not just for the culture part, but as a building block of the local economy.  Photo above by Corbin Smith of torontoist.

Ten day festival, folks. In case you’re willing to dismiss the photo above as, “well of course! It’s Friday night!” – here’s a shot of last Monday, taken by Gideon Arthurs. I know – nobody goes out on a Monday

September 9, 2011

Arts Funding.

Short post today – we need to do a few basic things.  Let’s make some time.

1) Need to read this article, and think about the ramifications to our sector. (2 minutes)

City Arts Grants At Risk  – A proposal drafted at Toronto City Hall to slash all funding to major arts organizations is sending shock waves through Toronto’s cultural world, the Star has learned.

The proposal, prepared by city manager Joe Pennachetti in response to a request from Mayor Rob Ford’s office, is intended to be presented at a meeting of the city’s executive committee on Sept. 19.

If passed by city council, the plan would eliminate more than $6 million of annual funding that goes directly to 10 of the city’s top arts more.

2) Need to sign this petition – Petition to Protect Arts Funding. (30 seconds)

3) Need to call and write your councillor. Find them here. (5 minutes)

4) Here’s the link to the schedule of Toronto City Council meetings.


September 6, 2011

RoundUp, More reasons to love Arts and Culture (with a friend)

It’s back to school and if the weather is any indication, fall is on it’s way. I had a fantastic long weekend myself, with a fabulous birthday surprise a week early in the form of an oldest and dearest friend from BC showing up as a surprise on my doorstep. I’m still smiling.

So here we are and in brief:

Sorry I Can’t Quite Hear You  – excellent article about just what your social media voice is, and how to use it

Good Heavens It’s Time for LabCab! – the LabCab Festival happened this weekend and was as usual, fabulous from all reports.

PSA #5 – learning, donating, being part of something.

A few things I found this weekend – every so often you come across an article about the value of arts and culture and for some reason I got three in three days.

From the Telegraph-JournalThe Arts Save Lives. Here’s a brilliant paragraph:

Art revives slums, art gives hope, art can rehabilitate, art shakes awake brain cells, art raises test scores, art creates a living, art fosters success over failure, art gets kids off the couch, art motivates, art empowers and art can change a life… In other words, art saves lives.

From TEDxMichiganAve – Adam Thurman on Power and the Arts

From the National Post  – Art for life’s sake: The health benefits of culture  with another good paragraph:

It found a relationship between longevity and the people who most visited the cinema, concerts, museums or art exhibitions — although interestingly, no link existed between longevity and those who attended sporting events. More recently, listening to music was found to be beneficial in treating depression when it complemented standard therapies, and researchers have found music to have similar benefits for everything from cancer to Parkinson’s.

Something cool I found on Mooney on Theatre – Thumbs Up Theatre  Toronto – a Meetup group to find folks to attend the theatre with. read the full article here.

On another note, some of you have been asking, and yes,  Artsvote is back from summer hiatus and we had our first meeting on Friday. I’ll be keeping you up to date here, as well as on the official website, Twitter feed and Facebook pages (both group and community for the moment).

On those same lines, for those of you wondering just when things are scheduled to be done and dealt with at City Hall, and find that a day-of Facebook event invite isn’t enough notice, here’s the website for Meetings, Minutes and Agendas for City Council and Committees. Never again will you have to click “not attending” because you had to work. At the job you have. At your real job. In the arts.

And finally – as far as I’m concerned the New Year begins today. Something for everyone going back to school, back to work, and just plain back to it.

September 2, 2011

Happy Long Weekend!

We[‘ll be closed for the last long weekend of summer, including the Sunday roundup. Go and enjoy yourselves. For those of you getting out of Dodge for the weekend have fun, for those of you staying in town, the city is awesome when half-empty. It’s good either way. I myself will be avoiding the airshow as much as possible since I live in the flight path.

School starts next week, new theatre seasons are starting and we welcome the return of real clothes, shoes that neither flip nor flop, and the ability to maintain a blowout longer than half an hour before the frizzies start.

See you next week!


September 1, 2011

PSA #5 – a little learning, a little donating, a little being part of something

PSA today – things keep popping into my inbox so here they are in a batch:

Diversecity – The Greater Toronto Leadership Project is recruiting new members – here’s how to apply.

The Ontario Arts Council is holding an info session Info Session for Black/African-Canadian Visual Artists & Craft Artists – here’s the Facebook page for more info.

Harbourfront Centre is accepting applications for World Stage Embassy members.

New Harlem Productions is traveling to Uganda for the Bayimba International Festival of the Arts in September. One of our community partner organizations in Uganda has requested used tents and sleeping bags, which NHP will be able to take over to them. If you have anything that you are ready to part with, please contact Sandra at

Someone has taken all the data from the City Services Review and turned into something interesting and understandable to look at and learn from. Wander over to torontoist to take a look-see.

Finally, a little bit of learning for a Thursday – 12 Things to Do After You’ve Written a Blog Post.


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