Your Passion, Your Vision

Yesterday’s episode of Entrepreneuse School was absolutely amazing. We spent the afternoon working on our vision and mission statements, and did a great exercise called No Brain, All Heart. It was sort of like that scene in Dead Poets Society where the instructor fired questions at us about why we wanted to open our own business and we answered them. He continues to “shoot down” our answers until we began to react on an emotional level as to why we wanted, needed to open this business. And then when we hit that point, asked us, “in the year 3011, a six-year-old boy stands in front of a two storey tall statue made of gold. That statue is of you. And the six-year-old boy asks, ‘what did this person do to have such a statue created?'”

And the simple answer he gets, the sentence that a six-year-old can understand – is your vision statement.

“I help people make their art.”

A truly exhausting marvelous day of learning. I was the volunteer who had the questions fired at her of course I volunteered, I went to theatre school – I have a degree in standing in front of the class and weeping.

I rarely take notes in class. I have pages from yesterday. I’m excited to go through them again.

“Elevating the world from mediocrity to greatness”

“To put joy in kids’ hearts and a smile on parents’ faces”

“To make people happy”

What is YOUR BIG, BOLD, BRAVE vision? What will your statue’s plaque say about you?

Couple other things – the Off Bathurst Theatre District Marathon is happening again this year. Check it out.

Nestlé Purina is trying to bypass the pet owner altogether with a direct pitch to dogs —making a television commercial that includes high-frequency sounds only audible to them. I need someone with a dog to tell me if this works in two ways – one, does your dog react positively, and second, would that reaction push you to buy the product? I’m torn between good marketing and clever marketing and a stunt.


Here we go.

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