Nearly Everyone Has Taken a Dance break at Least Once

I’m vindicated. Dance breaks are an important part of the work I do – when it all gets to be too much, too complicated or too silly, you must dance it out. And as it turns out, I don’t personally know everyone who does it.

Why is this post-worthy? Because I was at the Ontario Arts Council launch of the Ontario Arts Engagement Study – a commissioned report that reveals signficant implications for arts organizations seeking to build audience development and engagement. A lot of information, a lot to digest. Some highlights from the press release:

Ontarians place a high value on live arts experiences    While media-based participation is more widespread, Ontarians attach a relatively higher level of importance to attending live events such as visiting art museums and attending plays.  For example, among Ontarians who reported visiting an art museum or art gallery at least once in the past year, 80 per cent described this activity as being very important to them.

Online participation is a central aspect of the arts participation of younger adults.  For example, 75 per cent of Ontarians age 18 to 34 download music at least once a year or more.  In addition, Ontarians ages 18 to 34 are twice as likely to be engaged in personal practice activities, such as playing a musical instrument, as those over 65.

Room to grow The results suggest that opportunities exist for increasing the engagement among those who are interested but participate infrequently in the arts.  In most types of activities, approximately 20 per cent of Ontarians account for about half of the engagement.

Click here to access the Summary and the full WolfBrown report.

A worthwhile afternoon, with lots of things to ponder. Thanks, OAC. Take a peek, click a link, read it over and do some thinking about his these finding affect the business of your art. In the meantime – dance break. This will get you started. And you should absolutely do the guitar solo.

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