Artful Management and are you an Innie or an Outie?

Fantastic blog post from Jini Stolk over at Creative Trust on how the admin work of an org should reflect the artistic work:

I remember my visceral reaction when I first heard George Thorn and Nello McDaniel say that the work of an arts organization – whether in the admin office, fundraising department or boardroom – should be consistent with its artistic process. It was like a lightning strike. I immediately felt that I understood and agreed; things that had been confused became clear. Of course, the way decisions were made and problems solved in the studio should be reflected throughout the organization; of course, interactions between board, staff, artists, volunteers and audiences should be based on the mutual respect and spirit of collaboration found in rehearsal

Click  and read on – it’s a great philosophy.

Innie out Outie? In-bound marketing vs. outbound marketing. Excellent infographic below, courtesy of Mashable, even more courtesy of Rebecca Coleman. Enjoy!

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