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PROJECT GOAL: To encourage participation by culturally diverse artists in the Toronto Fringe Festival as a creative opportunity they may traditionally feel excluded from.
The Toronto Fringe is committed to offering creative opportunities to artists and art lovers. This commitment, along with invaluable support from TD Bank, has lead to the creation of a three year pilot project to encourage greater participation in the Fringe Festival by artists who self-identify as culturally diverse by removing some of the traditional barriers to participation, including financial concerns and a sense of being excluded from mainstream events.

Fringe Festival participants are chosen by lottery and are required to self-produce their work. Festival organizers can never interfere with the work on stage and 100% of box office receipts are returned to the artists. This has meant that the Fringe Festival has become the most accessible arts opportunity for emerging and otherwise unsupported artists to tell their stories. Nonetheless, systemic barriers have continued to exclude artists who self-identify as culturally diverse, as is clear from the participation trends we see at the festival every year. CDAP is an attempt to begin a dialogue with this community of artists and encourage them to access the opportunities the Fringe makes available.
CDAP is only available to artists who self-identify as culturally diverse artists (see below for definitions) who reside in Ontario. Applicants must also select which lottery pool applies to them and are not eligible for the National or International categories, but may apply to Ontario 60 Minute, Ontario 90 Minute, FringeKids or Ontario Dance. When considering applying to CDAP, please keep in mind that it is designed to encourage artists who have felt excluded or unable to participate in the festival and we rely on your self-identification as the only requirement for participation. Three participants will be selected by lottery.
Participants in CDAP receive the following:
– Free participation in the festival (outside of $27 registration fee) – value $725
– $1000 cash bursary to assist covering production costs
– Networking opportunities with other CDAP participants to discuss shared resources and promotion strategies
– A paid mentor, to be assigned on a case by case basis to address each participant’s needs
Participants are selected by lottery, and can apply in two categories :

Category 1: Self-identified culturally diverse Primary Contacts (see below for definitions) applies for CDAP, but indicates that if they are not successful in the CDAP lottery, they would NOT like to be moved on to the main lottery
Category 2: Self-identified culturally diverse Primary Contacts applies for CDAP, and if not successful are then transferred to the main lottery – entrants selecting this option will be responsible for full participation fees ($725 incl. HST) if drawn in the regular lottery, and will not have access to the CDAP project

(Click here to APPLY
The CDAP lottery will be drawn on Monday, November 28 at the Fringe Creation Lab – this lottery will be videotaped, but not broadcast, along with the International and National categories. Three participants will be drawn in the lottery.
After the lottery, apart from the administering of the CDAP benefits, participants will be considered regular festival companies, and will not be highlighted, identified or otherwise treated differently than any other festival participant. The participant will be required to self-produce their project and responsible for all liability and risk associated with their own project.
Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns or at 416-966-1062

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