Entrepreneuse School ends tomorrow – ten weeks, two days a week of business boot camp and I am leaving with a fifty page document (11 pt Arial font, single spaced) that is the official blueprint of Sue Edworthy Arts Planning.  From Company Profile to fighting with Excel for financials, I have enjoyed every exhausting minute of it. It was worth it – combining this type of course – in class, weekly milestones, research, planning planning and more planning along with working with  clients and my regularly scheduled programming already in progress is a definite challenge. Many thanks to those I had to disappear on due to unfinished homework, meetings scheduled around class time, who smiled at my ever-present notebook and helped in oh, so many ways. It’s not many who have such a great support network, and I’m glad I do.

I am very proud of myself and my amazing classmates, all of whom took the road less travelled, proud of our efforts and our courage – which of course leads to:

Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” -JFK

We now have all four.

Congratulations, TBDC Group 123! We did it!

PS – No, there is no rest for the wicked or weary  – tomorrow is not only Graduation, but Deputation at City Hall. More on that later.

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