You’re Charging HOW much, and a Call for Submissions

Quick post today with a bit of reading to finish off the week – an excellent article I found on a friend’s FB wall about the true cost of handmade:

I recently did my first craft fair.  And at that craft fair, one woman picked up every one of my hats, tried them on, and made a sort of a noise in the back of her throat indicating disgust. Then she muttered, “I don’t really like these hats” before looking at the price tag for one of them and looking at me over her glasses: “Do you really charge this much?” Read more

Personally, I would want to hand that person a brush and a tube of paint, or a crochet hook and skein of yarn and say, “Have at it!” It’s why I don’t get to work many craft shows.

And the Kensington Market BIA has a call for submissions out: The Kensington Market BIA has allocated some funds to work with local merchants to increase the number of murals installed in the area. Read more

And finally if you didn’t have time to tune into the show of shows otherwise known as the 2012 Budget hearings, I recommend you wander over to Torontoist where they live blogged the hell out of them:

Day One           Day Two

That’s me in the red hat.

Also an excellent commentary by Hamutal Dotan on Government, Ford Style.



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  1. glad I read the same article

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