Learning Code and 95 Twetheses

are we all back in our places with bright shining faces? Are we ready to go? No? I quote Bridget Jones’ Diary:

“It seems wrong and unfair that Christmas, with its stressful and unmanageable financial and emotional challenges, should be first forced upon one wholly against one’s will, then rudely snatched away just when one is starting to get into it. Was really beginning to enjoy the feeling that normal service was suspended and it was ok to lie in bed as long as you want, put anything you fancy into your mouth, and drink alcohol whenever it should chance to pass your way, even in the mornings. Now suddenly we are all supposed to snap into self-discipline like lean teenage greyhounds.” – Bridget Jones

ANYWAY, here we are and let’s get to it.

Yesterday’s post SWF Seeks Basic Website hit a before noon all time high in terms of views and comments so not only is it worth relinking up there, but we have an additional link from the super-talented Avery Swartz. Interestingly enough the bulk of comments and shared were from fabulous women, and so it seems wholly appropriate to give you Ladies Learning Code.

A reminder that ticket sales are going strong for the Next Stage Theatre Festival – have you got yours? Not sure what to see? Here’s a PSA of a few promo videos sent my way, as well as a complete listing of all shows onstage for the next two weeks!
I zoomed by Factory  today and the heated beer tent? IS UP. Next Stage opens tomorrow night – hope to see you there!

Oh, you crazy kids with your tweets and your posts and your likes and your virals. We are so old school – 16th century to be precise. Great article in the Economist about social media and how Martin Luther and the Reformation started with  pamphlets as paper tweets. And for those who say “photo or it didn’t happen” – there it is. That’s a 16th century twitpic. You can’t see the caption but it’s probably something like @Luther: hammering it home! #Reformation #95theses

Click on it to read more. Or click on the video within the article to listen to a nice British man reading you the article.  He’s quite soothing. And thanks to Andrew Dollar for telling me about it.

ETA 9:26 a.m.: Broken link for a few minutes there for Ladies Learning Code -all fixed up!

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