Aparently it’s Your Year…

Interesting article from gigaom.com on how 2012 will be ther year of the artist-entreprenuer and why. Reductions in costs, increases in techbological ability – apparently it’s a great time to be an artist. Or is it? What does the idea that “anyone can do it” do to the idea of art in general?  Read more…


Equally interesting article from the Times about the joy of being quiet. This struck me – In barely one generation we’ve moved from exulting in the time-saving devices that have so expanded our lives to trying to get away from them — often in order to make more time. The more ways we have to connect, the more many of us seem desperate to unplug. It’s well timed as I saw a play last night called Modern Love in which the main character decries the fact that she has “661 Facebook friends and nobody to go to a movie with IRL”. (I’m paraphrasing). Food for thought. And now I want to read Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows.


And of course Next Stage is up and running at Factory Theatre. Ticket sales are brisk, hot toddies are hot and everyone you want ot know in the know is in the tent in real life. Apparently on Day One three shows sold out hours before opening and two more on Day Two. I’ve booked all my tickets to see all the shows and I can’t wait. So in case you thought, “oh, nobody goes to theatre in January” – I advise you to  get your tickets and your seat in the (heated) beer tent as soon as you can. We do art in the winter. WE ARE CANADIAN.


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