Sunday Roundup – January 14

Sudden bitter burst of cold AKA January this weekend. Aside from socks and sweaters and cooking things,  what’s been going on?

A Triple QR Code Post – mine, Rebecca Coleman’s and the Globe and Mail.

Why The Arts Should Be Funded – I wonder how many times this type of post will be – posted – before we actually catch up?

Bits and Pieces of Art and Enterprise – Next Stage (final day today) and a reminder about the services I offer. Drop me a note and let’s chat.

Reading Productivity Articles Does not Make You Productive – kaizen and gestures over gestalt.

From the Toronto Star – Toronto Budget -Arts Funding Won’t be Cut. Celebrate, but celebrate with caution – you never know what will happen at Council.  So remind your Councillor this was a good start.

Next week is a week of meetings and finding outs for Sue Edworthy Arts Planning. See you then!

Sunday Funny

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