Video Post: Pay The Writer

Friend sent me an article that included this  video.  And it’s a nice tie in to a previous post I Hate Nickle and Diming.

It’s a raised voice rant with swears, so put in your headphones. It’s worth listening to.

So pay the artist, the writer, the dancer, the performer, the arts administrator. Pay them, and pay them what they are worth. I was talking with someone about fees and the value of the work we do and he reminded me – it’s not just money lost if you don’t get paid, or are paid less than you are worth.  It’s also opportunity lost, for while you work for free or less than your value on their project, it means you cannot work on something else.  Just because we love what we do, that we are among the fortunate that way, does not mean we need to do things for free or less than we are worth.

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  1. This is so great. I have forwarded it to my local freelancer buddies- it’s a common gripe amongst us! Thanks Sue!

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