Sunday Roundup – February 5th

Groundhog Day has come and gone and it’s an early spring (though 6 more weeks of this type of winter would not have been a hardship).

This week was more about pages than posts so in order:

Linky Wednesday – I bookmark things constantly to write about, think about or post about and sometimes it gets cluttered. I cannot stand not being able to se all my bookmarks so I started cleaning house with this post.

Panels + Workshops – two requests in as many days so I figured it would be best to have the panels and workshops I’m giving or participating in all in one spot.

Linky Friday – my bookmarks page is now sparkling, let me tell you.

12 Hour Arts Marathon –  I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, and now that it’s on the Internet – I guess it’s true.

Bonus Post from another Blog – How Being a Theatre Major Prepared Me For Success. Love it. Have a read. I have to go make a Powerpoint presentation.

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