Meetings, Grants, Meetings, A New City

It’s absolutely Monday around here, I have two grants I need to get under my belt (March 1 deadline) so I can do the 12 hour Arts Marathon with impunity. I’d like to point out that today the day I’m inside writing is a gorgeous day out, and that weather for Marathon Day is looking rainy and weird. I am Canadian. I will be prepared for anything, anytime.

Reminder to my Equity Friends – you have an important meeting tonight.

Reminder to me – I have a Board meeting tonight, so two grants and a scope of work for a social media plan had best be done by then.

I mentioned yesterday I was at Totsapalooza: Mouse City Calling. What a great event. We all know my child to recovery time ratio is 1:1.5  – but so much fun – bands and story telling and a fantastic city built by smalls, presided over by Mayor Adam Vaughan. Pics below is my usual not so great blackberry phone documentary style. I call it Gist Style – you get the gist of it.

Congratulations Small Print Toronto.


2 Comments to “Meetings, Grants, Meetings, A New City”

  1. I waas extremely impressed with the whoie thing.

  2. That city is absolutely stunning!!! I want to go to there!!

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