In Which I Feign Interest in Pinterest

I am not a fan of Pinterest. I will add “yet” as a disclaimer. Yes, I have an account – I got it last July, I think, and pinned exactly two things and then thought, “now what?” Because my thought was that I spend a great deal of time on my blog and Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and email and in person and now I’m suppoosed to look for pictures and pin them somewhere else? No.

I know Pinterest has become an obsession for many. It’s a hot topic right now and everyone seems to be pinning like crazy, kind of like we all poked each other constantly when we got into Facebook, or forwarded jokes and Robitussin recall warnings when we first got email accounts. So I’ve been reading things on it.

Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network – mashable

Pinterest: A vast city of beautiful mutes – Globe and Mail

What Pinterest needs to fix – and fast – Yahoo News

and finally – What Pinterest means for the arts.  Which was very interesting.

Tell me what you’re using it for, what you’re pinning, and more importantly, why it’s your platform of choice. I’d like to know, as am trying to wrap my head around it a bit better.

11 Responses to “In Which I Feign Interest in Pinterest”

  1. I’ve never heard of this before. Do you think it could be an easy way to organize the “cool stuff I should show to my students” links? And would it all be in one place, whether I was on my phone, tab, work computer or home computer? Cuz that might be awesome.

  2. Just a note – you can sign into Pinterest with a Facebook or Twitter account so you don’t need to wait for an invite. That took me a whole day to figure out, so thought I would share the knowledge. Anyway, I joined because I found I kept downloading images that inspired me from the web and when I finally published my own website I had to load those into an image gallery and it seemed a little tiresome. I just started pinning, but I hope to use the board on my website in a similar way to the image gallery – to show people what inspires me as a dancer to help them understand what kind of dancer and artist I am.

  3. We’ve found it to be a huge source of inspiration for the new house – what we love, what we see in the house, and it’s nicely organized in pretty little boards, in one place, which speaks to my Virgo soul. We can both pin things to the same “dream home” board, and for someone like Steve who is always surfing the net and coming across cool things, its a great place to keep them organized, and easy to refer back to again should we wish.

    • Okay see THAT I get. Or someone planning a wedding, or a 50th anniversary party etc. A focused final thing, a goal, I suppose. Thanks lovely – sending sunshine your way!

  4. I’ve been looking at it. I was going to join a couple of nights ago ( I had all these links for pictures from the Michael Kors winter collections……I know, dream on ) then discovered, if I’ve understood it correctly, that you need to get someone already on board (pardon the pun-ish) to invite you. I lost interest. What did appeal to me was that it seemed like the digital version of the old cutting out of magazines of things that interest me. I used to tear pages and pictures from publications that I wanted to remember for whatever reason….and I thought Pinterest would offer me that ….the internet version. Somewhere to store my cut out pics. I don’t want to share them. I don’t want to interact in Pinterest with others. I don’t care what they’ve cut out and deposited in their virtual shoe-box for future reference. Perhaps, therefor, I don’t actually like Pinterest. Hmmm. Back to the drawing board. Not the pin board.
    Thanks for the articles Sue. As always……reading minds! Cxxx


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