Off to APASO!

I’m attending the keynote session today at APASO. What’s APASO? From the website.

The Association of Performing Arts Service Organizations is an informal group of organizations from around the world that share a mission of providing services for arts organizations and artists. Since 1983, APASO has gathered annually to share best practices in marketing, providing community-wide ticketing and audience development programs, professional development, advocacy, and other support for arts organizations and artists.

That’s where I’m going.  Plenary 1 is at the Winter Garden, and the Keynote Speaker is Simon Brault, the CEO of NTS. Here’s his bio:

Plenary Description:
The idea of the arts as a distinct and separate sector of society became embedded in western consciousness early in the 19th century, and many of our arts organizations still operate on a 19th century business model. But as we advance into the 21st century, we can observe signs of a change of attitude. There is an urgent need to reconcile the notion of arts and culture as a specific sector of the economy with the notion of arts and culture as en essential dimension of your individual and collective lives. This is where our future lies.

Yes I’m buying his book, No Culture, No Future.  Maybe I’ll get it autographed. Details later, I’m really looking forward to this morning.

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