Sunday Roundup – April 22

It’s spring, it’s summer, it’s fall, it’s winter. And that was just last week.

#beans and counting new ones – marvelous presentation by Clayton Lord around the idea that we need to get away from quantifying our work with old methods and find new ways to qualify it.

In Which We Present: Things Fringe – a lovepost to one of my favourite organizations and how you can get involved.

My Thoughts on Starting a Theatre Company – there was an article making the rounds last week about new companies being mired in old problems. My thoughts.

What My Clients are Working On – a post about just that.

In the past week there have been articles stacking up in my bookmarks about audience engagement to wanting audiences to turn of their phones and shut up. There will be a post on all these points of view coming up.

Tuesday I am heading north to the 2012 Small Business ARTS Forum and I think it’s going to be interesting. Will keep you posted on that too.

And apparently direct mail is making a comeback. I never knew it left. More on that later.

All for now, have a great Sunday!


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