What a Full Week.

I mentioned in last Sunday’s Roundup that fewer posts from me meant there was a lot of stuff going on with clients and this week I proved it, with only one post.

Sleepytime Limbo – which many seemed to identify with fairly well.

What else have I been  thinking about?

Some Assembly Required opened on Thursday to great excitement – really interesting art and cool short films. Closes today so maybe take a wander over to the Artscape Triangle Gallery and check it out.

I’m prepping for a social media workshop I’m giving at Gallery 1313 on Wednesday on Social Media for Artists.

And the Pax Christie Choir is a week away from their concert at Koerner Hall and I’m really excited that the work we’ve been doing together in social media and marketing seems to be translating to ticket sales.

I’ve also joined the Board of Directors for Expect Theatre – we worked on Awake together last year and I’m thrilled to be part of the organization.

Interesting article from Torontoist – more people than ever are going to the library. If I were going to look at that from a marketing/PR perspective – is it that it’s gotten a ton of press this year? Did folks realize what they had before it was gone? Either way, it’s making me happy. And I’m heading there myself this afternoon. It’s a beautiful day.

Back on track next week, I’ve got articles about audience engagement and tweet seats and more just burning a hole in my bookmarks.

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