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April 12, 2012

Off to APASO!

I’m attending the keynote session today at APASO. What’s APASO? From the website.

The Association of Performing Arts Service Organizations is an informal group of organizations from around the world that share a mission of providing services for arts organizations and artists. Since 1983, APASO has gathered annually to share best practices in marketing, providing community-wide ticketing and audience development programs, professional development, advocacy, and other support for arts organizations and artists.

That’s where I’m going.  Plenary 1 is at the Winter Garden, and the Keynote Speaker is Simon Brault, the CEO of NTS. Here’s his bio:

Plenary Description:
The idea of the arts as a distinct and separate sector of society became embedded in western consciousness early in the 19th century, and many of our arts organizations still operate on a 19th century business model. But as we advance into the 21st century, we can observe signs of a change of attitude. There is an urgent need to reconcile the notion of arts and culture as a specific sector of the economy with the notion of arts and culture as en essential dimension of your individual and collective lives. This is where our future lies.

Yes I’m buying his book, No Culture, No Future.  Maybe I’ll get it autographed. Details later, I’m really looking forward to this morning.

April 9, 2012

Reading for Easter Monday

Is it still the weekend? I’m not quite sure – some are working, some are not, I can go to the bank but not the library, you get the picture. Plus I was away for two days on my staff-retreat-of-one – which I highly recommend to small biz owners and entrepreneurs out there. More on that in another post.

So in honour of maybe you have time to read at home, and maybe you have time to read at work since you’re still in a chocolate coma, here we go –  from last week and now let’s flip through the bookmarks for things to share

What a Wonderful Thing to Come Back To  the billboard tax is happening!

The Future of Theatre  gotta love the Guardian.

I liked this article, made me do some thinking:  Emerging artist? Are you kidding yourself?The first section itself was cause for pause:

This is scary. Imagine. You’re anaesthetised on the operating table, on the cusp of unconsciousness, when in walks all scrubbed up, an emerging surgeon. Your last thought before you slip into a deep, dark sleep is “but … but … wait …”

Absurd the thought of an emerging anybody. There’s none of this wait-and-see tease to it. You are or you ain’t. To see how silly the concept is, take the word “emerging” and follow it with a job of your choice. Asinine in anyone else, but perfectly acceptable if you are an artist apparently.

Some food for thought as to how young you have to be to be emerging, how old you shouldn’t be. I remember a client of mine years ago saying, “make them stop emerging, I’m not done yet!
How long does one get to emerge for? What defines  “mid career”? When are you a “senior artist”?

Would love your thoughts on this one.




April 5, 2012

The Future of Theatre

Great article from the Guardian

It’s not enough for theatres to rely on the same old programming, even the same old buildings. Which is why what’s happening at Exeter is so exciting read more

Along those lines, a friend forwarded me this article that’s been making the rounds since 2008, I recall seeing it more than a few times. Anybody doing any of these things? I’d say some of the suggestions are a bit tongue in cheek, but surely some are doable.

Just some food for thought – it’s the day before the long weekend, so maybe you have time to read them.

I’m also going to be closed for said weekend, so I’ll see you next Monday. Have a good one!


April 4, 2012

What a Wonderful Thing to Come Back To

Spent Monday and Tuesday on Toronto Island at the retreat centre getting my head together, doing some visioning exercises and just plain catching up and getting organized before the busy season starts (or continues, really, and gets busier.)

There is something wonderful about the Island – all the regular distractions are simply not there, and you find the focus you’ve been looking for. It starts as soon as you hit the dock to go over on the ferry.

Everyone is there to work on something, so no messing about. It’s beyond quiet – it’s thisclose to silent and you want to do what you came there to do. I highly recommend it to any artist looking for the space and time to get stuff done.

I still read the paper and came across this article – congrats, congrats big congrats to and Devon. Well done.

Toronto wins appeal on billboard tax

April 1, 2012

Sunday Roundup – April 1

No April Fools’ jokes – I’m honestly not any good at them. You go ahead though.

Last week!

It’s World Theatre Day! – and it was. And I’m not entirely sure how we celebrated it, but I hope we did.

A Day In Memes – oh you liked this one – highest number of likes in a long time.

These Books Are Overdue – it wasn’t the fines throwing me off, it was the I am done with these and they should have gone back by now feeling. Librarians are back. I brought them flowers. And I’ll bring the books today.

Federal and Provincial Budgets – What Do They Mean for the Arts?   – bless Susan Wright and the Toronto Arts Foundation for making sense out of it all so I can just hit share or post.

Of note on Facebook today – Max Reimer’s status update: God of Carnage is coming, giving the donors, subscribers and ticket buyers the full 2011/12 Vancouver Playhouse main stage season they paid for and supported! Even more importantly, we have an opportunity to show our numbers in support for more Playhouse; getting the tickets sold, the seats occupied and the supporters in the house. A rush ticket can be purchased at the door for $20.

In client news – Some Assembly Required – a gallery showing by Lisa Anita Wegner is up this month, I’ll be doing another social media workshop with Gallery 1313 at the top of May, OCAF will soon have a great little new microsite for its updated guidelines to apply, and Proud has a venue and performance dates and nation-wide fundraisers picking up steam.  And I’m signing on this week to do the marketing and PR for a festival dedicated to Edward Bond and his work. In case you were wondering what I do all day.

It’s a grey rainy day. Have another cup of coffee or tea and read the paper. I myself have to pack up – I’m going on a staff retreat of one to do some visioning and long-term planning for this business o’ mine, so no blog posts for the next couple of days and I may not be as quick draw on the email and the Blackberry. Just so you know.

Happy Sunday!

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