Corporate Sponsorship?

I belong to a LinkedIn group called Audience Development for the Arts. Interested question posed today by a member named Russell for discussion:

Do artists opposing certain company sponsorship put off the commercial sector from supporting the arts?

He goes on to say: I received my Arts Professional today and the front page was a review of a report into Philanthropy in the UK. One of the facts was that business support for the arts was down 7% to a seven year low. On page 2 was the news that a group of actors, directors and playwrights have voiced opposition to BPs sponsorship of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Does this type of activity put off the business sector in general, fearing they might come in for the same?

It’s a very interesting question, I think. I know there’s a great deal of opinion voiced on Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, or the idea of title sponsors (Company X presents YourShow) but is it putting corporations off sponsorship? Is it the type of company (BP in the UK example) or just that it’s corporate in general? Obviously this is a UK article, but are similar things happening in Canada?

Just a thought for Tuesday morning. Now back to my workshop planning – I’m giving a social media workshop specifically for visual artists tomorrow at Gallery 1313. All for now!

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