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I have been on the phone and online all morning with my service provider, reconstructing the operating system for my phone. I hope it was a success, because I am now exhausted and behind in my work.  And I must rest up,  for the Harold Awards are this evening!

So a quick post from Mission Paradox:

No one needs a suit

. . . that’s what the salesman told me as I bought a suit a few weeks back.
He was a fantastic sales person.  Smart.  Helpful.  I gladly put my credit card on the table when it was time to buy.  I was fascinated by his skill, so I asked him how he developed it.
He told me that he understood that no one really needs a suit.  You can wear jeans to damn near anything from a wedding to a funeral.  Plus, even if a few people do really need a suit, they certainly don’t need an expensive suit.  And they certainly don’t need to drive to a store to get one.
So why buy something you don’t need?  Read more


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