Sunday Roundup – May 12

What an excellent week of art and people. What else?

Quick Post – running out the door on Monday so there was just time for this.

Bits and Pieces Tuesday – exactly that. And congrats to this year’s Harold recipients!

See What You Made Me Do!! – email from an artist who attended a workshop I did, and the results.

Am pleased to pieces to let you know that Pax Christi Chorale sold out their concert last week – and received stellar reviews as well. It was a delight to work with Jennifer Collins (their General Manager) and I’m so glad all our work paid off!

I caught the Saturday matinée of Pamela Sinha’s Crash yesterday at Passe Muraille – if you’re reading this before 2 pm go get a ticket. It’s riveting, heart wrenching and triumphant.

Whatever you do today, do it well.

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