Don’t go changin’

I switched over to Facebook Timeline in December, I wanted a chance to get used to it, essentially on my own terms.  It’s been six months and the reaction is fairly whatever, but there are still folks complaining, threatening to leave, folks saying they’ve managed to “avoid” it, etc.

There are lots of valid reasons not to want to switch (or be switched) over. There are lots of times I’m irritated all to death by a company’s new web design promising greater efficiency and a better experience only to have it be the exact opposite. For the first while, anyway.

Change is good. It leads to bigger and better things. But mostly? We all just hate dealing with it. It happens when we get a new phone, or a new computer, or a new apartment. It’s different, it’s uncomfortable, we’re unsure how to use is (or where the laundry room is). It’s the change that bugs, not the new thing itself. Humans are naturally change averse.

Good article here on change aversion from DesignStaff: why users hate what you launched (and what to do about it). I liked this line: When products change and advanced users suddenly become novices, you should expect anxiety to result.

Read on!  And maybe leave early if you can, because it’s really nice out. But don’t say it was my idea.

ETA – the always fabulous Avery sent me two links about change, specifically Facebook change – enjoy!

Here’s an excerpt from an article about Zuckerburg from the April issue of Fast Company magazine:


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