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May 13, 2012

Sunday Roundup – May 12

What an excellent week of art and people. What else?

Quick Post – running out the door on Monday so there was just time for this.

Bits and Pieces Tuesday – exactly that. And congrats to this year’s Harold recipients!

See What You Made Me Do!! – email from an artist who attended a workshop I did, and the results.

Am pleased to pieces to let you know that Pax Christi Chorale sold out their concert last week – and received stellar reviews as well. It was a delight to work with Jennifer Collins (their General Manager) and I’m so glad all our work paid off!

I caught the Saturday matinée of Pamela Sinha’s Crash yesterday at Passe Muraille – if you’re reading this before 2 pm go get a ticket. It’s riveting, heart wrenching and triumphant.

Whatever you do today, do it well.

May 10, 2012

See What You Made Me Do??

ordinarily a disconcerting subject line in an email but this time it made me smile. I mentioned last week I did a workshop with some amazing artists at Gallery 1313 , and yesterday received an email from one of them.

Hi Sue;  I am so thrilled with the invite video I was able to do so quickly, inspired by you. Please have a look.  Love the fire. Tell me what you think.  much better than the usual with a pic or two.

Here it is. Well done Susan!

Along the lines of workshops, a reminder that I am part of a great one next week:

Technological Innovation: On and Off the Stage

Date: May 17, 2012
Time: 3 pm – 5:30 pm
Location: Centre for Social Innovation, 215 Spadina Ave. Suite 400 (The Innovation Lab)
Speakers: William Yong (Artistic Director/Choreographer, Zata Omm Dance Projects), Julian Sleath (Programming Manager, City of Toronto – Special Events), Sue Edworthy (Principal, Sue Edworthy Arts Planning)
As technology moves ahead at light speed, how do we keep up!? This unique and innovative workshop explores the many possibilities of opening the technological realm in the arts – both on and off the stage.  Beyond Facebook and Twitter, propel your project to the next level of innovation by integrating new and exciting marketing strategies in your work. Don’t fight technology, use it to your advantage and be creative in your administration.
Additionally, discover the endless possibilities of using technology in your craft as stages become research labs with installations, video projections and other dynamic interactive technologies. Participants will learn the ups and downs of technology, hear from experts in their field and will get a Papertronics Lunar module to make and take home.
Curious to find out more? Come check out this interactive workshop and walk away with dynamic tools to integrate in your practice, whether it be in the office or on the stage!

May 8, 2012

Bits and Pieces Tuesday

Harold Awards last night and as always a good time was had by all. As I said in my Facebook status – What a great night. People I love getting hardcore recognition and fancy trophies, seeing people I don’t get to see enough, hugs and laughing and some welling up – the Harolds are different every year except that the love is the same. Congrats to the recipients and the committee. Delighted there is a new Award – The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Award and doubly delighted it went to Barbara Fingerote as its first recipient.

Working on a Workshop I’m doing for CDA on May 17th – click here for details.

The Fringe Creation Lab has launched their IndieGoGo campaign! Skip a coffee or two and donate the proceeds to keeping an important rehearsal space going  – five bucks buys an hour of rehearsal time. If you want to, you could donate more. If you want the coffee anyway, that’s up to you, but be prepared to lie awake, tossing and turning, haunted by the thought of artists with no space to work.

Seems there are online fundraising campaigns going on everywhere you look, but we still lag behind the US of A. Click here to find out why it’s easier to crowdfund down south.

Final thought – RIP sir. Your genius will be missed

May 7, 2012

Quick Post

I have been on the phone and online all morning with my service provider, reconstructing the operating system for my phone. I hope it was a success, because I am now exhausted and behind in my work.  And I must rest up,  for the Harold Awards are this evening!

So a quick post from Mission Paradox:

No one needs a suit

. . . that’s what the salesman told me as I bought a suit a few weeks back.
He was a fantastic sales person.  Smart.  Helpful.  I gladly put my credit card on the table when it was time to buy.  I was fascinated by his skill, so I asked him how he developed it.
He told me that he understood that no one really needs a suit.  You can wear jeans to damn near anything from a wedding to a funeral.  Plus, even if a few people do really need a suit, they certainly don’t need an expensive suit.  And they certainly don’t need to drive to a store to get one.
So why buy something you don’t need?  Read more


May 6, 2012

Sunday Roundup – May 6

Lots of things to write about last week – let’s get to it.

Rules of Engagement  Audience development and nobody’s coming and when they do they aren’t behaving in a “traditional” manner.

Corporate Sponsorship interesting discussion and article via LinkedIn about whether or not dislike for corporate sponsorship turns off the corporate tap.

Visual Resumes – a program that turns your resume info almost into a timeline of your career path. Still on the fence, but some seem to like it. I might take it in addition to a traditional resume, but not instead.

Social Media for Artists at Gallery 1313 – a great workshop where we proved that you don’t always need internet for the social part of social media.

Glamourpuss Fridays – paperwork day.

It’s lovely outside, all spring-like. Go and enjoy it!


May 4, 2012

Glamourpuss Fridays

Stuck at home today with a twisted knee so no meetings except by phone and I’ll sort out some contracts and find a rehearsal space and a production manager and knock together a marketing plan or three and analyze some stats and create a links list to send to some folks, and do some invoicing and do a last push for ticket sales and look at and organize a couple of schedules and calendars.

And you thought it was all red wine and opening nights…. Happy Star Wars Day!

May 3, 2012

Social Media for Artists at Gallery1313

Workshop last night courtesy of Gallery1313 a little gallery on Queen West just east of the library. There’s consistently interesting work in there – go check it out.

I met with nearly a dozen artists last night – painters, sculptors, photographers to talk about using social media to expand their reach and increase their profile.

They were without question, a fantastic group of people. At the top of the night we had some minor tech glitches meaning no internet for a social media workshop, which is a little like having a cooking class without any food. It was taken care of by Ozana and Phil with aplomb and style and thank you both so much.

Here’s what was interesting – if we’d had internet immediately, we would have plunged directly into the presentation. As it was it gave us a chance to talk – to embrace the social part of social media and find out who was there and why and much more about them than just their names.

I think as a result we had a wonderfully open discussion, a real back and forth about who was doing what, who was using which tools for what means, and who had no experience at all. Because we got so very into it, it was a conversation, not a presentation and that’s what I always hope for. Ideas were shared, some sites I didn’t know about are now on my list, and I think people enjoyed themselves.

It was more of a facilitation than a presentation – at one point we threw the powerpoint out the window (not literally) and focussed on specifics – showing then how to create a page, the targeting ability of a Facebook ad by creating one, a discussion about what is a “like” what is a “friend” what is a “tag” and does anyone ever sell art on LinkedIn? Here’s a great example of an artist blog, here’s a YouTube video of someone’s work, know how important it is not to have just a great image, but a quality properly sized version of that image. That even if you think your target market is “everyone” – you do have a way of narrowing that down to people who are genuinely interested.  At one point someone asked how late I was willing to stay to keep discussing these things, and we did run a bit late. Because we were genuinely involved.

In short – I’m looking forward to connecting with these artists again, seeing their work and talking to them.

Many thanks again to Phil, Ozana, Gallery1313, and all the participants for their time and enthusiasm – it was an excellent way to spend a dark and rainy night.

May 2, 2012

Visual Resumes

Found this a while back on the interweb and did it to show you and forgot about it.

Use Your LinkedIn Data to Create a Stunning Visual Resume. It’s an article from Lifehack, and is about a program called In brief:

A plethora of online tools exist, though there’s one which, much like the job-hunters who use it, really stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness. Greeting users with the tag line ‘Don’t send a resume, send a story,’ is an easy-to-use platform with plenty of tools to create a visual resume that not only looks great, but puts the focus on the items you feel are most important.

To make the most out of the site you’ll need an e-mail address and an up-to-date Linkedin profile.

So I went to the site, created a profile, uploaded a bio, uploaded a photo and asked it to grab my LinkedIn info. The things I do for y’all so I can tell you about it (and then forget to tell you about it).

And it did.

Results below in screen grabs – I don’t know. I don’t know that it’s stunning, but it is indeed visual.

I know I am a certain point font on white paper 2 page max resume type of girl. Am not a fan of bells and whistles when it comes to resumes. And I don’t know that I’d click here to see the info below, but then again I don’t work in a design type field where I’m looking regularly enough at design resumes.

You can’t change the font. I want my own font. And my logo somewhere big.
You can change the background picture, they’ve got a selection or you can upload your own.
When you hover over a job position the blurb about that company comes up – again, this is most effective if you have a seriously up-to-date LinkedIn profile. But it`s about the compan I worked for, not me, the person you`re looking to hire.
It also said I could add links to my website and social media accounts (which kind of made me think, “then why am I using this?”)
It seems in my books, to be a lot of work to put a potential employer through, with a dash of web-style sequins and coloured paper.  But then that’s the employers I’m thinking of, and I could be wrong. What do you think?

May 1, 2012

Corporate Sponsorship?

I belong to a LinkedIn group called Audience Development for the Arts. Interested question posed today by a member named Russell for discussion:

Do artists opposing certain company sponsorship put off the commercial sector from supporting the arts?

He goes on to say: I received my Arts Professional today and the front page was a review of a report into Philanthropy in the UK. One of the facts was that business support for the arts was down 7% to a seven year low. On page 2 was the news that a group of actors, directors and playwrights have voiced opposition to BPs sponsorship of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Does this type of activity put off the business sector in general, fearing they might come in for the same?

It’s a very interesting question, I think. I know there’s a great deal of opinion voiced on Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, or the idea of title sponsors (Company X presents YourShow) but is it putting corporations off sponsorship? Is it the type of company (BP in the UK example) or just that it’s corporate in general? Obviously this is a UK article, but are similar things happening in Canada?

Just a thought for Tuesday morning. Now back to my workshop planning – I’m giving a social media workshop specifically for visual artists tomorrow at Gallery 1313. All for now!

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