Fringe Marketing? Meet Your Future

Fringe is in a few weeks! Have you made some choices yet? Go to the spanky fun new website and pick some shows!
I may have mentioned The 100 in previous posts, but – they’ve launched. They’re real now – they aren’t just hopes and dreams and google application docs – they’re – a force.
Fun fact: am doing a marketing workshop panel for this force in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait.
The 100 is just that – 100 young theatre lovers aged 17-24 who will be part of a  12 day immersive theatre entrepreneur bootcamp at the Fringe Festival.

The Members of the 100, get behind-the-scenes access and a free VIP pass to Toronto’s largest theatre festival.

They get on the ground immersion while producing street theatre and guerrilla marketing that they will have creative control over.

They will be launched into the middle of the action and given hands-on experience working alongside Fringe staff and networking with top indie theatre artists and mentors from the ‘biz’.

More info on the Praxis blog from their fearless leader Pip – Five Reasons You Wish You Could Be In My Youth outreach Program. My favourite part?
As the Youth Outreach Coordinator for the Toronto Fringe Festival, I am finally achieving a Fringe Dream five years in the making: I get to hang out at the Fringe Club all day long while people come visit me in my clubhouse, The 100 Salon. No, seriously, I have a salon

I think I know where I will be when I’m not in a show.

Look at these people. Look closely. Yes, they are chewing on my business cards. This is the future (the very near, in just over a month future) of Fringe marketing.

I can’t wait.

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