The Future of The Non-Profit Arts

If you aren’t already following the Mission Paradox blog, I highly recommend that you start. There’s a great series being unfolded on that site these days – The Future of The Non-Profit Arts.

From Part One

If you think about the structure of a typical arts org – Board, CEO, multiple (siloed) departments, a defined hierarchy – you can see the fingerprints of the Industrial Revolution all over the thing.  This was a necessary step.  The arts industry needed a sense of stability.  It needed organizations capable of creating art year after year.

It makes sense that people would assume that what created stability in so many other industries (hierarchy, systems, etc.) would do the same in our world.

They were right, for a very long time. Read more.

And now from Part Two

Organizational design is a set of decisions.  Some spoken.  Some unspoken.  They are a set of decisions about how information flows, how power is shared, how quickly change happens, or whether change happens at all.

If you change the decisions, you change the design.  

If you change the design, you change the outcomes. Read more.

It’s already a thought-provoking series – I’m interested to read the next instalment.

Reminder! The Edward Bond Festival starts today! Visit the website to find out what you should be going to – there are some amazing events happening!

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