Sunday Roundup – June 17

It’s Sunday again.

A reminder that today is the Symposium featuring Edward Bond live and in person at Berkeley Street Theatre.

Another reminder that it’s Father’s Day – Happy Father’s Day to the Dads I know.

Last week – The Future of The Non-Profit Arts – check out the Mission Paradox blog and its Manifesto – or beginnings of one.

Update – lots going on last week with clients and I was thinking about my blog and what I do with it – I’ve spent some time pulling stats, looking at stats, shaking my head at stats and this week will let you know what posts all 2000+ of you seem to be most interested in, where you’re finding those posts, how you`re finding them and what you’re sharing.

Meantime I found this piece on BlogTO – I’m kind of pleased that there is enough theatre in Toronto in the summer to warrant an outdoor theatre preview. Take a look. It’s a great image too.

Later this week –  update on my stats analysis (but not too long because really – stats?), how Pinterest has it all figured out and how to actually make a decision.


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