Psychology of Social Media and Back to Entrepreneuse School

Great article here from on a subject near and dear to my heart.

Thoughts on the Psychology of Social Media

“When you treat people like individuals instead of the “unknown public,” when you present a real person who is passionate about the art form who helps other people to become passionate too, wonderful things can happen.”

I’ve been saying this all along as well – be real. Be a person. Do not be THAT GUY.  Good article.

A reminder that event invites are still flying with summer festivals and parties and whatnot – before you send another reminder, remember this post from a couple weeks ago, remember that everyone is seeing it whether they like it or not and this was overheard on FB this  – “some of these events I actually want to go to until I start getting messages from them every five bloody minutes.”

This afternoon I am off to entrepreneuse school again – I’ve been asked to come and be part of a panel for the next group of entrepreneurial hopefuls to talk  about the success of your business. I am pleased and flattered. I’m also especially pleased because as always, there’s a delight in being the arts and culture person who is viewed as a success from a business standpoint. You know what I mean.

Hanging around the tent today – it’s going to be an excellent tent talk:

Tent Talk: How Indie is Going to Save Theatre
After piloting Toronto’s largest indie theatre institution for 5 years, Fringe Executive Director Gideon Arthurs leads an “Indie Producing 101” discussion, followed by an informal reflection on the indie theatre movement.

Panel: Gideon Arthurs (Fringe), Julie Tepperman (Convergence Theatre), Michael Wheeler (Praxis Theatre)

See you there!

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