A testimonial and Theatrebooks

Found this email in my inbox – a client had attended a conference on social media and how to use it for your charity – they got a great deal out of it.  Glad to hear it. Read on:

It has been great for two reasons:
1. There have been many good sessions with highly actionable ideas for us to do right now, and lots of things to think about for the future; and
2. Because of your work with us  I am able to understand the relevance of the material, make informed decisions about what will or might works for us, and set priorities. Without your groundwork much of this great content would be going over my head, or I would think I have to get into everything. I would either be dazed and confused, or my head would be exploding, neither of which would be pretty. Now I am at least half way intelligent. Thank you.
You’re most welcome. Glad to help.
You’ll have to go somewhere else for your theatre fix starting next week.


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