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July 15, 2012

Sunday Roundup – JUly 15

It’s the final day of the 2012 Toronto Fringe Festival. Off you go – well before you go:

Psychology of Social Media – Great article.

A Testimonial and Theatrebooks

Boards, Crowdfunding, Message Fatigue – all timely in the Toronto theatre world right now.

Final Weekend of Fringe – this is it. It’s really it. Shows selling out like crazy, book something and see what all the fuss is about. We’d love to see you.

July 13, 2012

Final Weekend of Fringe!

Here are your Patrons’ Picks

Rare: Sunday, July 15th at 9:15pm – Tarragon Mainspace
Mahmoud: Sunday, July 15th at 9:15pm – Tarragon Extraspace
Tinfoil Dinosaur: Sunday, July 15th at 7:30pm – Solo Room
One In A Million (a micromusical): Sunday, July 15th at 9:15pm – Randolph Theatre
A Funeral for Clowns: Sunday, July 15th at 9:45pm – Annex Theatre
Help Yourself: Sunday, July 15th at 9:30pm – George Ignatieff Theatre
The Other Three Sisters: Sunday, July 15th at 6:45pm – St. Vlad’s Theatre
Medicine: Sunday, July 15th at 9:15pm – Helen Gardiner Phelan Playhouse
21 Days: Sunday, July 15th at 6:45pm – Robert Gill Theatre
pomme is french for apple: Sunday, July 15th at 6:45pm – Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace
With Love and A Major Organ: Sunday, July 15th at 7:30pm – Theatre Passe Muraille Backspace
The Dinner: Sunday, July 15th at 9:15pm – Factory Theatre Mainspace

Tickets go on SALE starting at noon on Friday, July 13th.

I myself think you should go see Dirty Butterfly, Ladies In Waiting, The Gravity Hour, and in my very own Fringe-Lottery-within-a-Fringe-Lottery pick – Release the Stars.

Swing by Artists Alley and get yourself a Fringe 2012 necklace, with a dollar from each going to the Fringe. have something to eat, something to drink, catch a tent talk and enjoy yourself – it’s the weekend and it’s FRINGE!

July 12, 2012

On Boards, on Crowdfunding, On Message Fatigue

We’ve cleared the halfway mark in this year’s Toronto Fringe – record-breaking sales are happening, advance tickets gone days before a show – a fantastic festival overall, and congratulations to staff and volunteers – home stretch!

Also major thank yous to the reviewers who have been tirelessly covering a ridiculous amount of shows – props to NOW, The Grid, Mooney on Theatre, BlogTO and Torontoist.

I’ve been bookmarking articles and every so often they get backed up so you get a post of things to read.

There has been a great deal of discussion lately on social media on board of directors, when they should step down, how to get them to step down, do you have to just wait it out, this is why there should be term limits, but a question that’s been asked, but hasn’t been answered (that I’ve seen) is: can you fire a Board of Directors?

Google gave me 30,600,000 results in (0.26 seconds). Here’s one of them.

Firing a Board Member with Grace

The statement I found most compelling in this:

But it matters that nonprofits always retain the right to fire a Board member because…
No one is above mission discipline.

And no one should operate outside it, most especially top decision makers like Board members

Event coming up at CSI that I want to go to:  A Quality Conversation about Crowdfunding in Ontario, CSI will be hosting Sherwood Neiss – one of the team that drove the crowdfunding legislation in the US – to brief us on what they did, how they did it and what we might do to make it happen here in Ontario.  You will also hear from local experts on where we are at in moving the crowdfunding agenda forward in Canada.

And finally Communication Fatigue. Over-communication is real. More than 100 trillion e-mails are sent every year, and that number is rising annually by about 10 per cent. Of those emails, about 76 per cent flow to consumers while 24 per cent are sent to corporate users. According to Radicati Group the typical consumer sends or receives more than 45 emails a day while the typical corporate user sends or receives more than 167 emails a day.

I’m too tired to write anymore about it.

July 10, 2012

A testimonial and Theatrebooks

Found this email in my inbox – a client had attended a conference on social media and how to use it for your charity – they got a great deal out of it.  Glad to hear it. Read on:

It has been great for two reasons:
1. There have been many good sessions with highly actionable ideas for us to do right now, and lots of things to think about for the future; and
2. Because of your work with us  I am able to understand the relevance of the material, make informed decisions about what will or might works for us, and set priorities. Without your groundwork much of this great content would be going over my head, or I would think I have to get into everything. I would either be dazed and confused, or my head would be exploding, neither of which would be pretty. Now I am at least half way intelligent. Thank you.
You’re most welcome. Glad to help.
You’ll have to go somewhere else for your theatre fix starting next week.


July 9, 2012

Psychology of Social Media and Back to Entrepreneuse School

Great article here from on a subject near and dear to my heart.

Thoughts on the Psychology of Social Media

“When you treat people like individuals instead of the “unknown public,” when you present a real person who is passionate about the art form who helps other people to become passionate too, wonderful things can happen.”

I’ve been saying this all along as well – be real. Be a person. Do not be THAT GUY.  Good article.

A reminder that event invites are still flying with summer festivals and parties and whatnot – before you send another reminder, remember this post from a couple weeks ago, remember that everyone is seeing it whether they like it or not and this was overheard on FB this  – “some of these events I actually want to go to until I start getting messages from them every five bloody minutes.”

This afternoon I am off to entrepreneuse school again – I’ve been asked to come and be part of a panel for the next group of entrepreneurial hopefuls to talk  about the success of your business. I am pleased and flattered. I’m also especially pleased because as always, there’s a delight in being the arts and culture person who is viewed as a success from a business standpoint. You know what I mean.

Hanging around the tent today – it’s going to be an excellent tent talk:

Tent Talk: How Indie is Going to Save Theatre
After piloting Toronto’s largest indie theatre institution for 5 years, Fringe Executive Director Gideon Arthurs leads an “Indie Producing 101” discussion, followed by an informal reflection on the indie theatre movement.

Panel: Gideon Arthurs (Fringe), Julie Tepperman (Convergence Theatre), Michael Wheeler (Praxis Theatre)

See you there!

July 8, 2012

Sunday Roundup July 8


Five days into Fringe and we might get a respite from the heat. Other than that, what was last week like?

What’s In YOUR Fringe Bag? – Popular post as we go through my purse to see what gets me through a day of Fringing!

Fringe Has Opened and Social Media as Yearbook – Gotta love an infographic.

Kids Today – two great videos, one for the TAPA Hiptix Initiative, and one from the Fringe 100.


The Grid has created a fantastic all things Fringe map – click here for a look-see.

I’m off to see shows, see friends and hang out at the tent. If you’re still not sure what to see, the reviews are pouring in and you can check NOW, torontoist, or Mooney on Theatre for some ideas. Or you could look at the poster wall pictured above. Too small to read? Then come on down in person!

Happy Sunday!



July 6, 2012

Kids Today! Youth Invasion and What`s YOUR Fringe Flavour?

At the Doras on the 25th of June there was red carpet camera work happening with the shooting of the premiere video in the  hipTIX Youth Invasion Video Series. It`s  celebrating a new partnership between TAPA and, is hosted by Toronto youth Thomas Orwen-Goldhar and Devin Cecchetto and filmed by 17-year-old Shane Feldman, Check it out!


And if you`ve been paying attention the last few weeks, you`ll know I am completely enamoured of the Fringe 100. They`ve created their inaugural video for the festival which is as cool and refreshing and perfect for summer as possible. Nice hustle guys!

July 5, 2012

Fringe has opened and Social Media as Yearbook

So yesterday was opening day for the Toronto Fringe – previews, posters, sunscreen and word of mouth are flying – it was a baking hot day with really good speeches, a fantastic poster sprint belled by Olivia Chow and the beer tent was in full swing with folks getting their Wednesday on.

photo of Fringe Club by Derrick Chua

If you still haven’t chosen your Fringe shows, best get to it, and see you at the tent!

Fun imagining from Flowtown -Social Media as yearbook. Enjoy! Stay cool, stay hydrated, stay sunscreened, happy Fringe!

July 4, 2012

What’s in YOUR Fringe bag?

photo from Fringe Facebook group

It’s that time of year when the articles start coming out about Fringe with picks and how to go about your Fringe experience. I like reading them all. This was a favourite.

And since there are so many, I don’t need to write one – instead, I’m prepping my Fringe bag, because the Toronto Fringe starts TODAY!

I have a new Fringe bag this year, as the one that had been with me through four Fringes just – well, it got me through many things. It’s still a  black messenger bag, this one has a picture of my imaginary dog Nitro on it, and here’s what’s usually in it that optimizes my Fringing experiences. What’s in it started with the basics from the Fringe website

  • Two Fringe programs – one is mine, one to give away to someone who needs one.
  • Water  – get a decent sized water bottle and keep it full. Fill ‘er up at drinking fountains, restaurants etc. any chance you get. Dehydration is for chumps.
  • Umbrella. Just in case. It also makes a nice sun shade. ETA:  A hat. Waiting in line in the sun hatless is no fun.
  • Wallet – contains a fiver to get my Tip The Fringe button (do this right off the bat. In fact, help the staff by being a good example and showing the rest of the line how it’s done). Also contains a selection of toonies as I will tip and re-tip the Fringe. Also contains cash for the fringe tent as there is no onsite ATM. Why, you ask? Security reasons. You need a certain level of security to keep a big box of money onsite like that. The more you know.
  • Blackberry. I just –  there it is. Nothing better than getting a tweet or text about an AMAZING show you HAVE to see, or being the tweeter or texter.
  • Sunscreen – I forgot this last year. And the year before. Red is my colour, but not on my skin. I have a nice spray on bottle in a pocket specially made for it.
  • Sunglasses and chapstick. ALWAYS. Squinty eyes and chapped lips are not a good look.
  • Two hair elastics.
  • Medication – don’t forget your inhalers or insulin or whatever else you require and remember to take them when you are supposed to. You do not want your Fringe experience ruined due to illness.
  • 2 pens and a small notebook – jot things down, make little drawings etc.
  • Business cards – I always have a stack.
  • Flyers for the show you are working on.
  • Gum or mints or lifesavers. Quick sugar hit.
  • A healthy snack. Bring a piece of fruit, or some cut up veggies. Wash down with your water. You cannot live on bar snacks and candy and beer for two weeks. You can try, but it won’t end well. ETA: Also bring some form of protein. Nuts, I guess, if you are not allergic.
  • TICKETS! I am a plan ahead Fringer. Most of  my shows are booked and there are many I will catch on the fly as well. However, only that day’s tickets are in there. The rest are safely at home. Whatever your Fringe style, your tickets are the truly important part
  • YOUR WATCH. You must be on time. CBC time. This is how Fringe works. There are no latecomers. I am sorry you drove in from Ajax/couldn’t find the theatre/got caught in traffic/it was raining etc. I am truly sorry. It’s disappointing, But those are the rules. Do not yell at, swear at, or push the staff. Do not storm by, do not try to shove by. I know it’s on time by your Mickey Mouse watch, but the show is not being called on your Mickey Mouse watch. I am sorry. And quite frankly, other patrons will back up the staff before they back up you. it’s Fringe – it says everywhere there are no latecomers and is one of the few places in our Starbucks society where a rule won’t be bent.
    The most graceful acceptance I ever saw of “you’re late” was the woman who dropped her head in disappointment, laid down the flowers she’d brought for a cast member and went to sit and wait in the sunshine.
    The least graceful acceptance I ever heard of was the woman who screamed and swore at the FOH staff and shoved one out of the way and stormed into the theatre. I supposed I should say something like, “be sure to pack an open mind and a sense of humour“. Yes, do that too.Am sure I’m forgetting something. What’s in YOUR Fringe bag?
July 3, 2012

Sunday Roundup on Tuesday

And we’re BACK. I hope everyone got a good long weekend getting their Canada Day on, or their Pride on or doing whatever it is you did to have a great long weekend. I read a lot, so there are a couple of updates on the Summer Reading page.

last week:

Accolades across the Country – with the Doras, Jessies and Sterligs happening all on one day there was a lot to applaud.

2nd Floor – menswear, haberdashery, Fringe Fundraiser – Fringe Fundraiser and where it was

Yesterday’s Marketing Quiz and Get Ready For Fringe!

Speaking of getting ready for Fringe – it opens tomorrow! Big year, we’re saying farewell to Gideon Arthurs, our Executive Director for the past five years, and welcoming Kelly Straughan our new Executive Director. The Fringe is bigger than ever this year, and I suggest you take a look at their website to see what’s happening. Besides 150+ shows to choose from there’s the massive undertaking that includes the Fringe Club. Go peek!

Speaking of art, his is interesting, I found it rooting around in my bookmarks.  A hospital in the States is taking art in exchange for health care credits.

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