New Dora Rules and Where you Can Find out About Them


I went to a Dora Orientation session yesterday to learn about the changes to the way it works. From the TAPA blog:

2012/13 Dora Orientation Sessions, Toronto Alliance for the Performing Arts

For the past 22 months, the Dora Review Committee underwent a detailed process to review the Dora Awards that involved a series of consultations with TAPA members, and various town halls, to achieve a renewed Dora Awards Program in order to meet the changing needs of the membership.  The TAPA membership voted this past March in favour of the expansion to the Dora Mavor Moore Awards from 35 award categories to 48 award categories. As announced these changes have taken effect for the current 2012-13 Dora year. Whether you are a long-time or brand new member of TAPA, you should definitely attend one of these meetings to ensure that your company understands the changes, as well as the new rules and regulations.   read the rest.

You should go. A heck of a lot of work went into this review. Thank you to the TAPA team, the committee and the folks who attended the Town Halls.


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