creating social media believers and a literary triathalon

Friday of the August long weekend!

An article for you to read on how to convince the AD/ED/GM etc that social media does work.

Two articles from quite different blogs  – Seth’s Blog and Mission Paradox – that seemingly agree on the same thing – that unanimous is not an option and the devil doesn’t need advocates. Well timed.

And if case you’re feeling literary-inspired this weekend – you have til Monday to compete in the CBC Canada Writes literary triathalon, which I think is very cool – write a poem, a short story and creative non-fic – all by Monday!

In case you are not feeling the literary groove – here is a picture of a shark and a blowfish to colour. Either way, have a darn good weekend! I myself am spending some of it figuring out what I’m going to see at Summerworks this year.

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