How Much Can You Pay?

Thinking about PWYC today. It stand for Pay What You Can, meaning there isn’t a set price for an event, but you do need to pay something. Example from

Person One : Hey, is there a cover charge for the show next Friday?
Person Two : Yeah man, but it’s PWYC.

There are also pay what you feel like events, where the hat is passed after the show and you put in what you thought it was worth. PWYC usually happens on traditionally “slower” nights like a Monday, or on Sunday afternoon, but they’re popping up fairly regularly now any night of the week.

Sometimes there is a suggested donation as well. Sometimes people pay that, sometimes people don’t. Sometimes you can pre-book at a PWYC, where half the seats are available to reserve at much lower price than normal, leaving the other half for lining up day of.

Today’s anonymous poll: What are we paying at PWYCs?

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