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September 10, 2012

How Much Can You Pay?

Thinking about PWYC today. It stand for Pay What You Can, meaning there isn’t a set price for an event, but you do need to pay something. Example from

Person One : Hey, is there a cover charge for the show next Friday?
Person Two : Yeah man, but it’s PWYC.

There are also pay what you feel like events, where the hat is passed after the show and you put in what you thought it was worth. PWYC usually happens on traditionally “slower” nights like a Monday, or on Sunday afternoon, but they’re popping up fairly regularly now any night of the week.

Sometimes there is a suggested donation as well. Sometimes people pay that, sometimes people don’t. Sometimes you can pre-book at a PWYC, where half the seats are available to reserve at much lower price than normal, leaving the other half for lining up day of.

Today’s anonymous poll: What are we paying at PWYCs?

September 9, 2012

Sunday Roundup – September 9

It’s rehearsal weeks and it’s TIFF and what else went on this week?

14th in Innovation – Mom isn’t putting that grade on the fridge 


Theatre Picks and Street Art

It’s crazy fun busy out there, folks.

Also, if you recall that amazing little show Tale of A Town – well, they’re up for a residency at the Canadian Film Centre… but they need boosts! Super easy to help them out – click on this, you get taken to their page and you click BOOST this project and go from there. I just did it, I timed it – less than a minute, including choosing the tweet this option. Boost ’em up, willya?

Off into the Sunday-ness of Sunday!


September 7, 2012

Theatre Picks and Street Art


Was very pleased to see that Proud and HOMEbody both made torontoist’s Fall Theatre Picks!

This is also very cool and I can`t wait to see it: Street art: Virtual museum aims to catalogue public art around the world.

The Fringe is looking for a Development Managerfor a mat leave, and don`t forget THE FRINGE IS TURNING 25!  Toronto Fringe Festival 2013 is going to be a huge celebration of theatre and art.  Want to be a part of it?  Applications will be available mid-September, so be sure to check back with us for important dates and deadlines.


Have a good weekend, first one after the back to schoolness of it all. And happy TIFF-ing if you`re doing so!


September 6, 2012

14th in Innovation – Mom isn’t putting that grade on the fridge

From the Globe and Mail: Canada must refuel for cultural creativity

Sixty years ago, the Massey report created our first cultural “road map” by boldly recommending the establishment of a Canada Council to support our creative and interpretive artists.

Its recommendations also strongly encouraged a National Library and the growth of our core national cultural institutions: CBC-Radio Canada, the National Film Board, our archives and museums and scientific research. It affirmed the importance of culture to Canadian society and linked the development of a distinctive Canadian culture to our sovereignty and survival.

These recommendations produced remarkably positive results. However, culture has since been relegated to “niche” status under successive governments, and the cultural sector as a whole has been relegated to the periphery of policy-making.

So that was sixty years ago. Now from the Guardian: Why major theatre institutions should be left to die

The artists of tomorrow are not made through funding an elite, but by funding at the bottom of the pyramid – a pyramid that we have created and sustained during the good times but now seldom question, even though the landscape will look very different in the coming years.

We should stop building bricks and mortar and empires, and rid ourselves of the belief that growth is a good thing for the arts. We should put money into the bottom of the pyramid, not the top – it is only by funding the bottom that we can create the future.

Lots to think about.

In other news, our Mayor is in court proving spectacularly that stupidity isn’t illegal. Steve Kupferman from torontoist did some great live updating yesterday.

September 4, 2012

Sunday Roundup on Tuesday Sept. 4

Labour Day weekend and what a glorious weekend it was. Went to visit my folks and so I took some time off – amazing how much you can relax and seriously put work away when there is no wifi.

Last week – what went on?

Who You’re Posting to And How You Say It

An Announcement from Metcalf and A Dance Current Job Op

Film Recommendation and a Post Correction

Speaking of recommendations, the last of the summer reading recommendations is Midnight at the Dragon Cafe by Judy Fong Bates.

It’s back to school for my student friends and teacher friends and I wish you all a very successful year.  Good article on Lifehack 15 School Habits to Develop that Turns You into a Better Student, which can just as easily be applied to worklife. Back to school to me has always been the New Year – it’s back to school, it’s the start of the theatre season, it’s Rosh Hashanah, it’s my birthday.

Everyone please be a little more careful today as there are more folks on the road driving, cycling, walking to school.

Happy New Year!


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